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Ultimate List of Playful Things to Ask Your Partner That Will Rekindle Your Passion

At the beginning of any relationship, it is common to feel excited and anxious whenever you're together. Most couples have trouble keeping their hands off each other at the start. Sometimes, physical intimacy is the primary way new couples connect with each other. That's why the spark goes away quickly.

That isn't to say that your relationship is doomed once the honeymoon phase passes. There are many effective ways to rekindle the spark after the first few passionate months together. It will not be easy, but rest assured that this list will make it a little less difficult.

Setting up dates and quality time together is the main thing most couples do. Spicing up these date nights with intimate questions can make all the difference. Being fun and playful isn't limited to young couples.

Enjoying each other's company is a key point in long-lasting relationships. If there's a way to make your partnership last, wouldn't you want to do it? Take it from me, folks. These spicy questions will help you rekindle the spark and open up new levels in your relationship you have never explored.

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3 Flirty Ice Breakers For Your Special Someone To Spice Up Your Next Date Night

When you've been together a long time, you may run out of things to talk about. When you know everything about each other, finding a new topic is a little difficult. Sometimes, even your favorite thing to talk about is not a viable option because you've exhausted all the aspects of that subject. That's why I'm fairly convinced that couples need fun icebreakers for them to start conversations.

1. Have you ever had a dream about me?

Be prepared for the descriptive details your boyfriend will share with you when you ask him this question. He'll most likely tell you about a sexy, dirty dream, and you'll probably want to know about it. You can ask him about this when you feel like having a sexy night with him. Tell him to show you what exactly happened in his dream about you instead of telling you.

2. What's the first thing you noticed when you met me?

This is a fun question to ask. See exactly what attracted him to you when he saw you for the first time. If you really want to get freaky, ask him to paint you a dirty picture and tell him to say what he first noticed, honestly. This can turn into a naughty question quickly, so make sure you say it quietly if you're in public.

3. What kind of outfits you like the most that women wear?

When asking questions about women in general, be careful not to make it feel like a trap. Listen carefully and respond in a way he knows you're really interested in the answer. That way, he'll be comfortable answering your question. Plus, it would help if you knew the sexiest outfit he has in mind, so you'll have a weapon to pull out if necessary.

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3 Cute Yet Sexy Things to Know About Him That Might Surprise You

What's your favorite way to get your boyfriend's attention? Is it by asking a dirty question or bringing up the possibility of anal sex? While your boyfriend may enjoy a sexy question here and there, trying something new can also add excitement to your relationship. These cute things to say to your boyfriend can help you get his attention in a new way. When you ask a unique and freaky question, great stories usually come forth, so get ready to talk his ear off all night.

4. If we met at a bar and you didn't know me, what would your opening pick-up line be?

Have you ever imagined different scenarios about meeting your boyfriend for the first time? I bet he has too. Ask him this question and be prepared for the dirty truth. He might use an inappropriate joke or a sexual innuendo as an opening line, so be prepared to get a little frisky with him. After all, he's already your boyfriend. It won't be the craziest thing for him to think sexual thoughts of you.

5. What is your favorite part of me?

Sexual questions like this might challenge his dirty talk and feature his quick wit and smooth tongue. You can also share with him your favorite part of him and see how he reacts to that. It might be a part of him that he's not too proud about, so if you think that's the sexiest thing about him, then it will make him fall for you even more.

6. What is your most embarrassing moment?

This is a good question to ask if you want him to feel more comfortable around you. It will also help if you share your most embarrassing moment first, so he won't feel awkward sharing his. Then, you can even limit answers to a certain category. For example, you can talk about the most embarrassing sexual experience you've ever had. Then, you can replicate the experience, minus the embarrassment.

3 Weird and Fun Things to Ask Your Partner That Will Get Rid of Boredom

Are you running out of things to talk about with your partner? This list can help you start more interesting conversations with him and discuss stuff you don't usually have time to discuss. Now, there may be some weird questions to ask a guy in this list, but it doesn't mean it's going to be awkward. In fact, these might be the most fun questions to ask your boyfriend. You'll have a lot of fun with this, I promise.

7. What is one thing you have always wanted to do with me but never asked?

Is there a sexual fantasy in his head that you think he wants to try with you? You know, sex questions don't always have to be direct. Asking them in this way takes the awkwardness out of it. Plus, if he isn't up for the whole sexual conversation, the generality of the question allows him to answer in a way he's comfortable with.

8. How would you feel if I turned up one day at your workplace wearing a wedding dress?

It might be the weirdest place to imagine someone wearing a wedding dress, but let's just see what his reaction is when you mention anything related to weddings and marriage. If he freaks, it may be time to reflect on your sex life and how careful you're being. Make sure you're on the same page before making rash decisions.

9. What freaky thing do you think we'd do if we got drunk together?

This is a perfect question to ask when you want to know if he's open to trying new stuff with you. Given that alcohol lowers your inhibitions find out what he'd be willing to do when he's not thinking that much. Is he open to something wild, like using a sex toy or having oral sex? Make sure to listen and be open to his propositions. After all, you're the one who asked.

4 Juicy Queries You Can Use to Find Out What Makes Him Tick

What's great about having a partner you trust is that you are sure he won't judge you for the stuff you do or say. That's why it's a good idea to find someone you're comfortable with so that you can let your guard down and actually say and ask the stuff on your mind. For instance, it's awkward to ask your friends risky and sexual questions. But, that shouldn't be the case around your significant other. So, if you want to know the dirtiest thing on his mind, then maybe asking him these questions could help you get a clear idea.

10. In regards to your love life, what is your silliest fantasy?

In any relationship, it's best to have someone who can listen to you and understand you from your core. Questions like this allow you to speak your mind, even if it's not realistic or doable. It's a fantasy, right? Whether it's a small thing like trying phone sex or a big thing like having ten kids together, it doesn't matter. If he trusts you enough, he'll feel safe enough to share his silliest fantasy, and who knows? You might even find some way to fulfill that for him.

11. If I were next to you right now, what would you whisper into my ears?

This may very well reveal what he's thinking of you right at that moment. It's a perfect question to ask when you're apart for some time, and you know he's missing you. It might lead to some dirty talk, which I bet you'll be more than happy to receive. Take in the adoration and talk back dirtier. You can even send a spicy photo that will make him miss you even more.

12. What do you think I find sexiest about you?

This is a great question to ask when you want to know which part of him he's most proud of. He'll probably say one of his physical assets, such as his arms or chest. You can agree and say that's definitely one of the top things you love. Then, you can follow it up with, "I do love your chest, but what's sexiest about you is when you open doors for me and treat me like a queen." He'll feel appreciated and loved when you point out the little things he does. Plus, it's something he can maintain for a long time.

13. What was your most memorable dream involving me?

Dreams reveal what you're thinking about before you go to sleep. This can go one way or the other. On the one hand, he could talk about how you did his fantasy sex position in the dream. On the other hand, he could say you got married. Make sure you're open to hearing about it. Don't act too freaked out when he shares either scenario. If you don't feel comfortable with either one, you can share a related story about your most memorable dream instead.

3 Romantic Questions That Will Draw You and Your Partner Closer Together

Ladies, men need validation too. He may be totally obsessed with you and shower you with his attention most of the time (as he should!), but you should also show him your love and appreciation. You can do many things to let him know that you're totally in love with him too. Start with using your words. Take a few notes from this list of romantic things to say to your boyfriend, and see the difference when he showers you with even more adoration because he feels so loved.

14. What are your greatest fears as regards our relationship?

Deep questions like this may open up a few sore spots, but it is necessary to talk about when you want to have a serious relationship. Be ready to receive all possibilities that may come from his mouth. Remember, it's important for you to address these fears so the both of you can move forward.

15. What is too serious to be joked about?

This is a question that will reward you with a useful answer. When you know what he doesn't like to joke about, you'll know what not to tease in the future. It helps you avoid awkwardness and tension when it comes up. It will also tell you what he values and thinks highly of. That way, you can also give importance to the same things.

16. What is the weirdest thing you googled?

There's a lot of stuff on the Internet that can pique your interest and stimulate your curiosity. There are also many unusual things you can find on the web. Let him share what weird stuff he's found and have him talk about why he found them odd. He might have stumbled upon an article about several people in an open relationship. See how he feels about that. He may have read a recent post about people marrying their pets. Whatever it may be, listen up and be sure to ask follow-up questions to keep him talking.

Downloadable and Printable List of Freaky Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Here is a downloadable and printable list of freaky questions to ask your boyfriend (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

3 Exciting and Intimate Activities To Do With Your Partner For the Ultimate Bonding Experience

After you ask these questions, you might want to try some other activities for you to solidify your bond with him. It's not enough that you sit around and talk to each other. It would do you a lot of good to try new things and make an effort to do the stuff you wouldn't normally do. It keeps the relationship interesting and fun.

1. Playing truth or dare

If you're one of those couples who like to sit around and talk, you can change it up and use some truth or dare questions from Mantelligence to make the conversation interesting. If the discussion is getting a little dull, choose any one of the best truth or dare questions we've got. Have some fun with your partner when he thinks about what embarrassing thing or question you've got for him.

2. Have a fun trivia game night (you can make it themed and invite other couples over, too!)

If you have a lot of friends in relationships, these funny trivia questions on this site can make your game night fun and competitive. Invite them over and prepare some snacks and wine to make the night more interesting. Then, collect some of the most mind-boggling trivia questions for adults from our site and challenge your friends to a contest. Prepare some gift certificates or a good bottle of wine for the winning pair.

3. Cook and prepare a meal together

There's nothing better than making food together. It's romantic and sweet, which makes the food taste a million times better. You can shop together and prepare all your favorites. You can also make his favorite dessert to make dinner more memorable.

How Is Engaging in Flirty Activities Good For Your Relationship?

Any long-term commitment needs equal effort from both sides. The stuff you did at the beginning of the relationship must continue until after the honeymoon stage to ensure that the partnership remains smooth and problem-free. Engaging in flirty activities like going on romantic dates or planning out-of-town trips together will show your partner that you can allot your time and attention to them even if you've been together for a while. It helps you bond and communicate with each other.

1. Make time for deep talks with your partner.

Having a better relationship requires a lot of time, effort, and commitment. Not only will you need flirty and fun activities, but you must also allot some of your time to talk about the more serious stuff. If you want to know how to have a better relationship, ensure you're ready to get deep.

2. Maintain the passion in your partnership.

Asking freaky questions is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to rekindling the spark in your relationship. Making your marriage fun again can be easy when both of you work together. Be ready to learn ways to rekindle the passion in your marriage and make sure you keep an open mind.

3. Enjoy your partner's company.

When was the last time you got silly with your partner? Being playful is important because it reminds you how much you actually enjoy the company of your significant other. It's good to get loose and have a little more fun together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need some more information about asking freaky questions to your boyfriend? Here are a few frequently asked questions to clear some stuff up.

How can I make my partner feel more comfortable with me?

Making your partner feel more comfortable is easy. Keeping an open mind and constantly listening to him will build the foundation for trust and understanding. When your partner trusts you, he will feel comfortable sharing his secrets and showing his true self to you.

What can I say to my significant other that will make him feel happy and loved?

Simple things have a lasting effect when you do them regularly. If you've got a helpful list of nice things to say to your boyfriend, use it constantly! It will not only make him feel happy and loved, but it will also make you feel so good that you have made your partner feel good.

What are some sweet names I can call my partner?

Apart from saying nice things to your partner, it's also a great idea to assign a unique pet name only you address him by. If you need some ideas, we also have some cute nicknames for your boyfriend that you can choose from.

When is the best time to get flirty with my boyfriend?

Any time is a great time, but I bet the best time is when he's feeling down. Flirting with your boyfriend, building up his ego, and making him feel really attractive is best done when he isn't feeling great. He'll feel like the luckiest guy in the world when he's got a girl that cheers him up when he's down.

More Great Ways to Talk to Guys

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In Conclusion

Now, you've got all the freaky questions to ask your boyfriend you will ever need.

Enjoying your partner's company is easy when you know what stuff to say and ask. Some of these sexy questions to ask your boyfriend can get you talking about the more risqué topics that you don't usually talk about. That's why these daring questions are perfect to ask your boyfriend. It will open up a new aspect in your relationship that you never expected. Good luck, ladies!