Lost for things to talk about on the phone? It can be hard finding interesting conversation topics. But don't worry, I've got you covered.

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Ultimate List of Things To Talk About on the Phone

Avoid awkward silence when you're on the phone with a loved one or a friend by having a great conversation starter always on hand. Finding good topics to talk about is easier than you may, and with our ultimate list, your phone conversation will never get boring.

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4 First Phone Call Topics With Your Crush

Finding a topic to talk about on the phone with your crush can be a challenge when things are just starting up. Mantelligence has a great list of things to talk about with your crush found herebut a great conversation can begin with a simple question or comment.

1. Ask him about himself.

When you get a person talking about themselves, the social interaction can go on and on. Especially early in a relationship, you want to learn as much personal information as possible, so ask him plenty of questions. It can be anything about past relationships, the craziest thing he's ever done, or even simply what his favorite TV shows are.

2. Talk about your plans for the week.

This is actually a good idea. It can drop a subtle hint of when you're both free so you can organize a time to get together. It's also an interesting topic if you have an exciting thing happening that week that's worth sharing. The guy you're crushing will take an interest in what you have to share.

3. Ask how his day went.

It might sound like small talk, but showing an interest in your crush's day is an excellent way to hint you're interested in them. Listen well and make sure to offer verbal queues you're listening because people appreciate a person that genuinely listens to them.

4. Let him know what you like about him.

You can set the mood of your conversation by opening up to your crush regarding the things about him you find fascinating. It doesn't have to be a full-blown confession. It can be a compliment here and there. The important thing is that he gets a better understanding of how you feel about him.

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4 Fun Topics To Talk About With Your Friends

Your favorite conversation partner is probably your best friend. While you may have already discussed everything under the moon, there are still many more questions to ask your friends you may not have considered or talked about recently. It's amazing how people's answers to specific questions change over time.

5. Your future plans.

Compared to past conversations you may have had, your future plans likely have changed. You can even reminisce about your old answers and laugh about the little things that worked out and the things that didn't. You and your friend will be talking for hours.

6. Ask what-if questions.

As they say, "Time flies when you're having fun." And that's exactly what will happen if you play and ask what-if questions. You'll have a good time together chatting and coming up with funny scenarios.

7. Play who knows me best questions on a group call.

Talking on the phone doesn't have to be just one on one. It gets even more exciting if you add another girlfriend or two into the call. Play and ask Who Knows Me Best questions and really test your friends on how well they know you. Throw in a really tricky question to make things thrilling.

8. Discuss crushes you had in the past or have right now.

A girl's favorite thing to do is talk about boys with her best girlfriend over the phone. One usually turns into a relationship expert, offering advice and coming up with plans to turn you and your love interest into a couple. A good thing is to discuss old crushes too and compare how your taste in men has changed over the years.

4 Sweet Conversation Topics With Your Boyfriend

Whether you talk for hours on end on a phone call or through text messages, there should be love and affection in every conversation. Below are top choices for sweet conversation starters so you can always have questions to ask your boyfriend ready.

9. Talk about your future kids' names.

Planning out your future with your loved one is an exciting thing to do. Dreaming about kids and thinking about your future kids' names can also be fun. Some people think mixing your names together is a good idea to create something unique. If you want to turn the discussion into a game, you can test out to see who can come up with the weirdest thing you can call your future child.

10. Ask him what made him fall in love with you.

Falling in love and staying in love takes effort, and that effort is the most important thing in a relationship. While physical attraction, shared interest, and a special connection fuels that initial spark, it's the effort that keeps love present. Asking him what made him fall in love with you is a good source of information to know what will keep his interest and attraction to you.

11. Compliment his personality.

One of the things that made you fall for him is likely his personality. Complimenting him on how he's your favorite person, how he gets rid of your anxiety when you connect and interact, and how he cares for you as a girlfriend will make him proud to be yours.

12. Talk about how you feel about each other.

Since communication is vital, it should be your and your partner's favorite chore. Talking about how you feel for each other is fantastic once you open your heart, mind, and soul to your boyfriend.

4 Interesting Topics With Your Long-Distance Relationship

When you run out of things to talk about on the phone, a deep conversation topic to start you off can get you both talking for hours. And when you're in a long-distance relationship, making the most of your time together on the phone or virtually is essential.

13. Talk about your hardships while being far from each other.

You might get anxiety from the distance between you and your boyfriend. The trigger could be something like seeing a related post about long-distance relationships. Talking about it with your man can help ease your worries.

14. Update him with a new hobby you are picking up lately.

Picking up girls hobbies is a good distraction while you're apart. Make sure to talk about what you've been up to with your boyfriend, as communication is essential. Because you're apart, talking about your experiences and what you're doing is the closest thing you have to being part of each other's lives.

15. Talk about date plans for when you see each other.

Planning dates is a love language; it shows how much effort you put into something and is a sign you care. Dates like going to the mall, amusement park, or even your favorite cafe where you're recognized as frequent customers are good for you as a couple. Dates are healthy and keep love, intimacy, and connection alive.

16. Catch up with recent happenings in your life.

Talking about what's happening in your lives, such as reaching a new milestone, recent events, or simply sharing what you've found interesting on social media lately, can be good topics to discuss over the phone.

4 Deep Conversation Topics With Your Family

The conversations can get old fast when you're talking to family members over the phone. You already know all about each other, after all. Deep conversation topics are great if you're looking for new topics to keep things interesting.

17. How another family member (sibling, parent, grandparent, etc.) is doing.

Just because you're family, it doesn't mean that you know what's going on with everyone. It's good to keep each other informed. Talk about mental health problems someone might be facing so more of you can keep an eye on that person. Keeping social interaction with your family open is a must.

18. Plans for the next time you’ll all get together.

Every family member loves planning for a vacation. It's an exciting thing to do. Family reunions and get-togethers don't just have to be over your favorite holiday, either. Get-togethers can be planned for any time.

19. A recap of the last time you all saw each other and how things went.

Going through memory lane and reminiscing the moments you spent with your family can be a great conversation starter. Talk about how you had a good time and share the little things you remember during those moments. Talk about things the other person might not have seen happen.

20. Where you’d like to go on the next family vacation.

Choosing a place where all of you can enjoy might be harder said than done. Planning is a fun thing to do over the phone, though. You can discuss visiting a remote favorite place as a family and come up with an interesting thing to do as a group.

Downloadable and Printable List of Things To Talk About On The Phone

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of things to talk about on the phone (right-clicked the image and select Save Image As...):

How To Talk To Someone Over The Phone

Great information on how to keep a conversation going can be found on Mantelligence here. While these are helpful for general conversations, over the phone there are a few other things to consider.

Tip # 1. Have a "smile" in your voice.

This might sound weird, but talking with a dull, uninterested tone can be a put-off to continuing a phone discussion. Try to be expressive with how you speak and have a smile in your voice.

Tip #2. Use verbal queues to indicate you're listening.

Since you aren't talking to them in person, you should apply vocal queues such as "mhm," "oohs," and "ahh, I see" to let them know how you're interested and actually listening to what they're saying.

Tip #3. Have some conversation topics in mind before picking up the phone to call someone.

Calling someone without anything to say is a sure way to cut a phone call short. Instead, prepare with topics you want to discuss.

Tip #4. Don't dominate the conversation.

Don't be the only one talking. Let the other person answer and share as well. Remember, conversations should be a two-way street.

Tip #5. Call at the time right time.

If a long phone call is what you're after, call the person when you know they're free. Don't try to call them to have a long discussion when they're on a break at work. If you're calling a guy and hoping to turn things intimate, try contacting him at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions but don't have anyone to call for answers? Don't worry. We've answered the most frequently asked questions here:

How long should a phone call last?

If you're both free, keep the discussion going. Talk about anything, including current events, personal matters, your past, etc., because talking is a great way to get to know someone, and it's a great way to deepen intimacy and understanding.

What is the best time to talk to your special someone on the phone?

It is best to talk to them during the night. Talking about what happened and sharing your thoughts at the end of the day is the optimum time because there are no interruptions or distractions, only the two of you.

How do you make phone calls less awkward?

Being optimistic, talking in a friendly and open manner, and having topics ready to avoid silences during a call make them less awkward.

How can I be a better phone friend?

To be a better phone friend, learn to show interest in phone conversations and talk with an open and happy conversational tone. Don't constantly end discussions short, and try to be there to answer when your friend calls.

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You will never run out of things to talk about on the phone again. From this list and the interesting conversation topics available on Mantelligence, you'll break your phone call hours record in no time.