Knowing what questions to ask on Tinder is a game-changer.

I know where to meet men and what questions to ask them. I'm a master of conversation starters that is proven by the countless blogs I've published.

When you're feeling signs he's into you and you want to keep discussions going, know what to say on Tinder, and have the best online dating question ready. 

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Ultimate List of Questions To Ask On Tinder

You've found a great Tinder match, but suddenly anxiety builds up because you've been here before. You recall the last great match you had and the dull Tinder messaging exchange. You don't want to blow it again. Well, there's no need to worry because this time, you've found the ultimate list of questions to ask on Tinder.

So before you allow this match to come to a crashing, yawning-inducing halt, uncover questions to ask that help you get to know each other better and keep the conversation going.

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10 Powerful Conversation Openers on Tinder That Always Result To A Fast Reply

The thing about any dating site or app is that no matter how great your match's photo looks, what really gets you keen on a personal meet-up is whether the exchange you have feels natural. You need the right questions that act as powerful conversation starters to keep discussions going so you can get to know each other better, send a good vibe, and prove you're worth being his Tinder date.

1. What makes you unique?

This is a good question to ask to find out what makes him stand out from the rest. The thing with dating apps is that you can be bombarded with many potential matches, but you want to filter out the good and the bad early on, so you're not wasting your time. Asking this can put him on the spot, but it's a good way of learning something interesting about them that may help you decide whether to keep that conversation going.

2. What (or who) are you most obsessive about?

It's a random question but a great conversation starter into topics of passion. They may have a guilty celeb crush, or they're obsessive about their favorite sport.

3. What do you look for in a man/woman?

This is a perfect question to determine whether you meet their standards and share the same values when searching for a potential mate. Sadly, for some people, looks may be their favorite thing about someone. And while attraction does play a part in the process of finding a match, you should be looking for something deeper too.

4. What is something that you have always wanted to do?

A fun question to ask to get someone talking about a hidden goal. Everyone has something they want to do but, for some reason or rather, just haven't yet. Dig deeper and ask why.

5. If you were the opposite sex for one day, what is the first thing that you would do?

A funny question to ask. Truthfully, there are some things you can't do as your own gender, but what exactly your match is interested in trying out can be revealing. Ask this one, so your chat doesn't land in the limbo of boredom.

6. What is the latest that you have ever stayed up?

Ask this question and find out the reason why as a way to get an understanding of your match. By finding out what can keep them up late at night to reveal a little about their priorities. Was it binge-watching a favorite show, were they up late finishing off a last-minute project, or are they cursed with insomnia?

7. If you could get on a plane to go anywhere, where would you go?

What is their preferred destination? Do they like tropical islands with white sandy beaches, or do they prefer looking at architecture and gothic designs from history? See if your preferences match.

8. What is a topic that you could talk about for hours?

Amusingly, this is an interesting question that could have you talking for hours. You can learn so much about your match with this question because something they can talk about for hours would reveal things they're passionate about. You might find interest in whatever this is and learn about something you never knew existed.

9. Have you ever been ghosted?

Being ghosted is when someone unexpectedly disappears on you, cutting off all communication without saying what went wrong or why. It can be hard to deal with, but it's a great opportunity to open up about some bad experiences with online dating. Hopefully, Mr. Match doesn't do it to you.

10. Who is someone that inspires you?

Make sure you have your own answer ready. Talking about people who inspire you can create a connection between you and your match. The question is about admiring a person's qualities and achievements, which can reflect what they value in others.

10 Humorous Questions To Ask Your Tinder Match That'll Sweep Them Off Their Feet

You don't need to be a dating expert to know a good way to have an engaging conversation with a Tinder user is to keep topics interesting. Either dig deep into your thought catalog or use funny questions to keep them hooked and interested in you.

11. Are you looking for something serious, or do you just want something fun?

This is direct and straight to the point. It's good to know when you are starting to hit it off with someone that the end game you're playing towards is the same. It's best to avoid disappointment. Of course, if it's about conversations, a mix of both serious and funny topics is best.

12. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Have you ever chased a celebrity crush down the street? Or do something else that's cause side-splitting laughter? It's good to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes, and a good way to build a strong rapport with someone is to have a good time with them. Share those funny experiences and embarrassing moments.

13. What is the most cringe pick-up line someone has ever used on you?

Pick-up lines can be a hit or a miss sometimes, but some are just cringe-worthy! Some leave a funny taste in your mouth, but some are bad enough that you want to actually share them for a laugh. has a list of the Worst Pick-up Lines that would be enjoyable to try out. You know, just for giggles!

14. What is your favorite pet name?

Do they have a furry friend? If so, what's the story behind the name they chose? Some people instantly know what their pet's name will be the moment they first meet them. Others, it takes a while to find something that feels rights. There are some wacky and special names out there. What's the best you've heard?

15. Where is the weirdest place you've kissed?

Make sure to get the backstory of their answer. This kind of question usually has some sweet and humourous memories behind them worth sharing. Romance, after all, can develop anywhere and at any time. For some, it's in the attic hiding this special moment from their parents; for others, it's in a grocery parking lot. Wherever that weird place is, hopefully, the kiss was a memorable one.

16. Would you prefer the superpower to fly or be invisible?

Believe it or not, Forbes asked this question on a professional level and argued your answer to the silly question is linked to your attitude and personality. It can say a lot about your confidence and your courage to lead. Of course, you don't have to think about this so deeply or on a philosophical level. Instead, think back on when you were a kid; did you want to be Superman, or did you wish for Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility?

17. What is your favorite pizza topping?

This may seem like an unusual thing to ask to get a conversation going, but it opens up the topic of food. Like with everything in life, everyone has their preferences when it comes to pizza toppings. Sometimes, the reason why someone doesn't like something could have a fascinating story. Make sure to ask some follow-up questions.

18. Have you ever Googled yourself?

It may sound like a weird thing to do, but considering online first impressions is important, especially when online dating, you should see what people find when they Google you. It usually leads to your Facebook page, depending on your settings. Are the results something you want your potential dates to see?

19. What is the craziest wish on your bucket list?

If it's possible to do it together, you may have just found something you could do on your first date. If you want to make a lasting first impression and really make your match remember you, be willing to do something crazy and exciting with them. Of course, only do it if you're comfortable with the idea. But sometimes, experiencing something on another's person's bucket list can be incredibly eye-opening.

20. Have you ever slept off during a lecture?

An amusing topic to talk about. Reminisce high school or college days where you just couldn't keep your eyes open during a mind-numbing lecture. A question like this can give your chat a different direction, and it's easy for him to answer and get a new discussion started.

10 Fun and Exciting Questions About Life To Ask A Stranger Out of Boredom

Some of us are guilty of creating a Tinder profile just because the idea of talking to strangers is nice and exciting. But once a conversation gets going, it can be challenging to come up with more interesting questions to ask the person that has swiped right to your profile. Don't worry; you just need to be Tinder message ready!

21. Where do you see yourself in ten years' time?

If you want to create a more profound connection on the dating app, ask questions that will get you exchanging things about yourself on a deeper level. Talking about life goals speaks volumes that you're not here for games; you're serious and want to take this match to a new personal level.

22. If your friends could describe you in one word, what would it be?

It's a thinker but a great question to ask someone you've just met. Instead of asking them for one word, they would use to describe themselves, how do their friends see them? Sometimes it's good to know how others see them. Or at least how they think others see them.

23. Do you prefer a beach vacation or a city break? Or even a trip to the countryside?

What is their ideal home away from home? It's nice to ask some questions where your match doesn't have to over-think. But you still want to ask about topics that can carry the conversation forward. Remember, you're trying to get to know each other. But you're also trying to make this time enjoyable for both of you.

24. What’s your idea of a perfect day?

Give yourselves a break from topics that are too serious and ask about their idea of a perfect day. This line of questioning could reveal some of their interests.

25. Do you have any nicknames?

Nicknames often have some great backstories. They can come to you in the weirdest way because sometimes, it's not just a shortening of your name. All around the world, nicknames are used as an endearment. Find out of each member of their family calls them something different? Is there a cultural background to it? From sweet, funny, and embarrassing, nicknames come in all forms.

26. Would you ever get a tattoo? What of?

Do they have any already? And what is the story behind them? Was it to celebrate something? Did they design the idea themselves? Tattoos are personal and usually have a lot of meaning. Each drawing might represent something different.

27. If you could have a drink right now, what would it be?

This question might make a great way for an opening to meet up for drinks! Do you share the same interest in beverages? People have built connections on lesser things!

28. What is something that you would want to be famous for?

Asking this is like asking what makes them tick! It could be what they hold important or something they're passionate about. What your match wants to be famous for might expose a hidden talent.

29. What kind of games are you into?

Games are a great way to build a good connection with each other, loosen up, and just have some good old-fashioned entertainment. Knowing what games your match likes to play is one to keep for the mind bank in case this exchange leads somewhere, and he becomes a regular attendee at games nights. Does he play online games? Perhaps he can introduce you to something you can play together as a great way to have some one-on-one time.

30. Do you have any pets?

Is your match a cat or a dog person? Does he own any or plan to adopt or buy one in the future? Talking about pets can give you a window into their personal lives and something you can safely exchange photos of. Owning a pet can indicate if they're responsible enough to take care of something other than themselves too.

10 Engaging Topics To Discuss With A Girl On Tinder

Tinder isn't just for those looking for love or their soulmate; great friendships can be formed on this popular dating app as well. You just need a great opening message and questions to ask a girl that will not only keep conversations going but help build a good connection.

31. Do you like to travel?

Talk about the places you have been to. Or the places you wish to go. Travel is a nice way to disconnect and recharge and usually an excellent way to start a long discussion. It's one of those interesting topics that everyone has something to say about. So, it doesn't matter if it's near or far—exchange travel plans.

32. Are you a night owl or an early bird?

Every girl likes her beauty sleep, but that doesn't mean they're not an early morning person either. Do they enjoy life better when the evening stars are bright and shining? Or do they prefer getting up at the rise of dawn to begin ticking off items on their to-do list?

33. Ice cream or frozen yogurt?

What does she think is the better-frozen dessert? Talking about any dessert, whether it's cheesecake, panna cotta, or pavlova, it's sure to get your sweet tooth tingling. Exchange recipes and build a good rapport over yummy things.

34. How do you feel about Mondays?

Does she have a secret to beating the Monday blues? For some, the start of the workweek can trigger crushing feelings of anxiety. For others, they love the idea of a fresh new week.

35. What is the last book that you really enjoyed?

There is something unquestionably great about reading and turning pages of a book. Some argue that you grow with every book you read, and each has its own special way of transporting you through time and space. Asking her which book she's enjoyed can say a lot about what kind of things she's into. Besides, it might just turn out to be a perfect recommendation.

36. Have you ever pulled an all-nighter? Why?

Perhaps it was work, or she was in the middle of something she just couldn't put down or away. This question may lead to her telling you about some of her stressors with her job or why she may have sleepless nights. If she opens up, it's safe to say there is a good level of trust between you.

37. What is your favorite childhood memory?

It's nice to reminisce about your childhood. Asking her this can embark both of you down an exciting journey into your past where you share funny stories and innocent but embarrassing moments. Whether it was a favorite vacation or a story about the first time they lost a tooth, these kinds of discussions are always lively and sweet.

38. Do you have any hidden talents?

What's something they haven't shared that they're surprisingly good at? And why do they hide it? For some of us, our hidden talents keep us calm and grounded. It's something we enjoy doing in secret. We know we're good but just not ready to share it with the world.

39. What is your dream job?

Is this one they had growing up, or something they discovered they would love to do as they got older? Landing that dream job isn't an impossibility if enough effort, time, and courage was put into it. So, what's holding them back from going for it?

40. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Loud chewing, people leaving the lights on, or someone interrupting when another person is talking. These are a few pet peeves people have. Is her's something common, or does she have a unique pet peeve that ticks her off? Does she have any habits herself that might drive others crazy?

10 Flirty Pick Up Lines To Have An Exciting Tinder Conversation With A Guy

If you don't have flirty questions to ask him, you can opt for pick-up lines for guys. They're fun and are a hot opening message that can lead to some entertaining conversations. Bait him with some romantic messages, and be a woman he can't forget.

41. If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together.

If you're stuck and out of ideas for a flirty question, why not say a flirty line instead? They can make a guy's heart race just as fast. It will show you have a bit of a backbone too. A guy likes to flirt with just as much as any female.

42. I’m not a photographer, but I can picture us together.

This pick-up line is bound to make him think about you non-stop. It tells him you're interested in being with him in a cute, witty way. Get out your camera and capture the smile that he won't be able to resist.

43. I might need crutches. You make my knees weak.

When you use pick-up lines, you want them to be amusing and memorable. Something that shows without a doubt that you're flirting, but something that will also charm and tickle his humor. Guys like women that aren't always so serious and know how to have a laugh.

44. Are you good at math? Can you replace my X without asking Y?

If he's a math geek, this line will take your flirting game to a whole new level. It's a subtle way of showing you're eager when you can mix in something they like into the lines you use. A guy appreciates the effort.

45. Is your name Wi-Fi? Because I’m feeling a connection.

This pick-up line is far from being stale. It's modern, amusing, and delivers a direct message. If you want to see a smile on his face, say this line boldly. Hopefully, he's feeling that same connection.

46. You must be a compound of barium and beryllium because you’re a total BaBe.

He'll need to know science to get this one. Just like with conversations, choose lines and topics based on the recipient. No point wasting a great pick-up line like this with a guy that won't get it. This line is a little adventurous but used correctly, and you just might find yourself on the adventure of a lifetime.

47. Are you a tower? Because Eiffel for you.

Puns are a whole lot of undeniable fun! This one is short, sweet, and flirty. Tell him how you feel with this one-liner in a text, and he just might find you the cutest thing. You'll no doubt be on his mind a lot after this pick-up line.

48. If you were an item on the McDonald’s menu, you would be a McHottie.

A good line flatters and entices a grin. Make him feel special by complimenting his good looks. This pick-up line is a great one to use after he's shared some pictures of himself with you.

49. My favorite word is ‘menu.’ Because it has me-n-u.

Flirting pulls at the happy strings and can be quite delightful. When you take the seriousness out of conversations, you can be left with some pretty enjoyable exchanges. Being able to be silly with each other is a nice way to enjoy each other's company.

50. With all this electricity between us, you must be Zeus.

The idea is to make him smile than have him thinking about you all day. This pick-up line is perfect because who doesn't like being likened to a God? It's a great compliment, and you're telling him how you feel; he electrifies you!

10 Personal Questions When Getting To Know Each Other On Tinder

So, you've hit it off on a good start, and things are going pretty well. You need personal questions to ask to really deepen your connection and test that chemistry. Get to know each other better and ask a Tinder question that's designed to reveal a new level of depth.

51. Do you live by yourself?

It's a simple thing to ask, but it can be misinterpreted. Don't ask this one to ask straight off the bat unless the topic comes up naturally. There are a lot of benefits to living by yourself, but it can get lonely too.

52. What are you most passionate about?

This can be a top contender for most awkward things to ask when getting to know someone, but talking about things we're passionate about can reveal so much about us. Share your personal interests and give them a glimpse into your world.

53. So far in your life, what has been your favorite age?

It may be a random thing to ask, but because experiences shape us, knowing their favorite age may be insightful. Was it a year from their young childhood years or their high school days when essays seemed to be their only problem?

54. What is your zodiac sign?

Many people believe zodiac signs can say a lot about a person. From their personalities, including strengths and weaknesses, to which other signs they're compatible with. The study of astrology is quite complex, and people have their opinions. Know your match on a deeper level by discussing theories, or if you are someone that believes in astrological fingerprints, then perhaps their sign says a lot about them already.

55. What are your goals in life?

Sharing your goals with someone does keep you more accountable for them, but asking your match about their life goals is just to get to know them more deeply. It's nice to share your hopes and dreams with someone, and usually can be uplifting to the mood.

56. Who is a TV character that you relate to?

Asking this should give you a window into their character. If they relate to someone, even a fictional character, it suggests that's how they see themselves. Something about that TV character is similar to them in some way.

57. Do you have any hobbies?

Having hobbies makes you take some time for yourself. It's a form of self-love when you allow yourself to do them. Talk about your hobbies and know what you each enjoy doing. What are the things that excite you and relieve your stress?

58. What is something that people assume about you?

Get-to-know-you questions should include what they think others' opinions of them are. What assumptions do people have, and are they far off from the truth?

59. What is something that makes you nervous?

Everyone has their own demons and things that consume their minds relentlessly. Things that make us nervous can be facing a fear or the idea of trying something new. Talking about them is a great way to have a more profound discussion.

60. What are you most excited about in life right now?

What are the things that are going well for you right now? Is there anything you're looking forward to? It's exciting to talk about things we're positively anticipating.

The No. 1 Thing You Should Not Ask On Tinder

You've just met, and everything seems to be going well. You feel an undeniable connection, and finally, this match may be the one. So what's the worst thing you could ask? Well, for them to delete the app for you.

Give your relationship time to grow and see where things are headed at a natural pace. Don't force things. If you've met in person and it feels like you're actually dating, still don't ask them to delete their dating apps for you. When they're ready, they'll do so.

Until then, just enjoy what you have with each other.

Why You Should Give Your Online Romance A Chance

Online, through dating apps, social media, instant chats, and multi-player games, there are many opportunities to find "the one" if you give it a chance. There is a bigger pool of possible romantic partners, and because of the selectivity and the targeted aspect of online dating, where you can screen the people you talk to, you have the potential of finding just what you're looking for.

Online romances can be a lot of fun, and if you connect authentically by asking the right questions, you could be meeting up with your match in person at your favorite place before you know it.

How To Safely Meet Up With Your Tinder Match

You've asked all the right questions, you've felt and seen the signs he's into you, and now it's finally happening. You're meeting in person! It may have been all great so far, building this strong connection and interacting with your match, but your safety should come first when it comes to the meet-up.

1. Meet and stay in a public place.

When you're meeting your match for the first time, meet in a public place like a coffee shop or restaurant. Don't give him your home address or invite him over until you have a good level of trust.

2. Share all your plans with someone.

Tell someone the details of your meeting plans. This should include where and the times. Give your date's number and even a photo. This may seem extreme, but safety is important.

3. Know your limits.

If there is drinking involved, be smart and know your limits. Don't forget alcohol can impair your judgment and vigilance.

4. Don't leave your drinks or valuables unattended.

The number one rule of drinking is to know where your drink has come from and to keep an eye on it at all times. It's easy to slip in unknown substances. Also, keep an eye on your valuables like your phone, purse, or wallet.

5. Leave if you're uncomfortable.

If something doesn't feel right, leave. If you're feeling any pressure from your date, leave. It's okay to leave your date early if at any time you feel uncomfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you go asking your questions about your online dates, there might be other questions you want to know the answers to first. Check out our frequently asked questions about Tinder and online dating:

Can you send a DM with someone on Tinder without matching?

The app has something called a Super Like where you can stand out with a potential match because you'll appear in their cardstack with a bright blue border and star. With this, you can attach a note or message to a Super Like as a way to show you're interested in them.

When you send this, it will appear on your profile before they decide to swipe left or right. At the moment, however, only Tinder Platinum users can send a Super Like note or message.

How do you know if a person wants a quick and easy hookup or looking for a serious relationship?

It's about asking the right questions and paying attention to the signs he doesn't want a relationship with youIt could be things like not making any future commitments with you or limiting communication to text only. If he's full of compliments about your looks but doesn't pay attention to what you actually have to say, this is also a red flag.

Can I trust an empty dating profile on Tinder that keeps on matching with me?

If empty profiles are appearing, it could mean that profile isn't loading properly that the app itself is having an issue. It could also be that the account has been deactivated or deleted.

Do they notify users when you screenshot a Tinder conversation?

Unlike apps like Snapchat, Tinder doesn't notify users if you taker a screenshot. In other words, this means you can take screenshots of conversations and profiles, and the other person won't be notified.

Should you go on a date with your Tinder match?

Absolutely! But only if it feels right. It's the worst thing if you feel pressured into seeing a match in person when you don't feel a real connection. Make sure to wait until you meet someone where you just click. You should know their interests before the meeting and what their expectations are in meeting up to make sure you're on the same page.

Downloadable and Printable List of Questions To Ask On Tinder

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of Questions To Ask On Tinder (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

More Awesome Questions To Ask

If you want to mix up the conversation and find other topics and great questions, we've got you covered.

  1. Forget boring and mundane discussions; make things interesting with random questions to ask a guy. You can make a solid connection over topics that don't come up on a day-to-day basis.
  2. You want to keep your crush's interest in you by making sure to engage him in great conversations that have just the right amount of teasing and charm. Questions to ask your crush are perfect for this!
  3. You've passed that initial getting to know you phase, and you might have passed just being friends too. Spice things up with some sexy questions to ask your boyfriend. They're flirtatious, enticing, and captivatingly fun!


Get out into the world of online dating equipped with the right questions to ask on Tinder to turn that potential match into a date. Tinder messaging is all sorts of fun when you know questions to ask that will reveal the signs he's into you.

If you're still asking where to meet men, the answer is online!