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Things To Say To Your Boyfriend - Featured

90 Things To Say To Your Boyfriend To Show How Much You Care


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by | July 14th, 2021

If you have a guy in your life whose love language is words of affirmation, then it's a good idea to always be thinking of kind things to say to your boyfriend. Some people translate hearing words of love and appreciation directly into strong feelings of affection. You want to make sure you spam those people with tender words - there is nothing that will make your relationship grow faster.

But even if your boyfriend doesn't go crazy for kind words, everyone loves hearing compliments and encouragement! Pointing out things they're good at, sweet things you think about them, and things you admire are all wonderful ways to make sure he knows how much you care.

So take some time to read through this list and think of some things to say that will really make your boyfriend light up!


20 Best Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

There is almost never a bad time to lean over and say something sweet to your boyfriend. Actually, an ordinary moment can become something really special when you take the time to tell him something extra nice.

Tuck a couple of these into your mind to pull out when the moment feels right! The look that crosses his face will be all the encouragement you'll need to do it again.

Here are the 20 best things to say to your boyfriend:

1. I appreciate you and everything you do

Let him know it doesn't go unnoticed.

2. I am at my best with you!

You make a perfect team!

3. I’m so proud of you

Guys need to hear this over and over again.

4. You are my best friend

He gets you, and you get him!

5. We should work together to make this work

Hard seasons make for stronger ties - tackle it together!

6. How was your day?

Ask about the highlights and the hard parts - it feels good to process it all!

7. Thank you for being you.

He is the only one of himself, encourage him to be all of it!

8. I can’t believe you’re mine

What a gift it is to walk with him in this season!

9. You are my soulmate

You were made for each other!

10. Life would be boring without you

He brings out the adventurer in you!

11. You’ve made me feel like a queen

The definition of chivalry has his picture!

12. My favorite story is the story of us.

Where will it go, I wonder?!

13. I love being with you

No vacation spot compares with just being together.

14. You smell nice.

Let him know you appreciate his efforts!

15. You love me with all my faults.

Thank him for walking with you on your journey!

16. You say all that I want to hear.

He knows exactly what to say in the good and hard moments.

17. I love you.

Three little words say so much!

18. Wish you were here!

Let him know you miss him when you're apart.

19. You complete me.

Thank him for filling in your weak spaces.

14 Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

If you're looking for some sweet things to say to your boyfriend, then this is the list for you. Whether you've been dating just a little while or for what feels like forever, taking the time to say some sweet nothings will always reap big rewards.

Even rough and tumble guys like when we acknowledge their softer side. In fact, the more you make saying sweet things part of your rituals, the easier it will be for tough guys to let their guard down with you. And that is a definite goal for a deepening relationship.

Here are 14 sweet things to say to your boyfriend:

20. Paradise is where you are.

Who needs Hawaii?? Every day together is the best.

21. My soul needs your soul to exist.

Your besties in every realm.

22. I can see your heart when I smile.

Remind him you're connected in so many ways.

23. In this world, you make me who I am.

He encourages you to be all that you were made to be.

24. Life means more to me with you here.

Good company makes every journey brighter!

25. Your hand is my favorite thing to hold.

Forget flowers!!

26. You're always on my mind.

Are his feet tired? Cause he runs through your mind all day!

27. You are mine, forever, and always.

To have and to hold - you're there for it all!

28. You bring colors to my world.

Being with him has a real "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" vibe!

29. I feel safe with you.

He gives you adventure, and security, all in one cute package!

30. I love it when you sing for me.

If he's self-conscious about his voice, he'll love this encouragement.

31. Your smile melts my heart.

Even when you're frustrated, he makes everything right again.

32. If I could do it all over again, I’d still pick you.

If there have been hard times, they've only made you stronger.

33. I like spending time with you

Girlfriends are great, but you're guy is something special!

19 Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Everyone loves being doted on, and guys are no exception! Letting your guy know all the little things you love and adore about him is a great way to build his confidence and let him know just how crazy about him you are.

It's not hard to come up with cute things to say to your boyfriend - just take one look at him and you probably have all sorts of ideas!

Here are 19 cute things to say to your boyfriend:

34. You are so handsome.

Who doesn't love hearing that?

35. I'm proud to be yours.

There's no other guy you want on your arm!

36. I love every little thing about you.

Cute quirks and silly habits - everything is adorable!

37. Your heart is safe with me, always.

Say and mean it - let him say what he feels!

38. You are perfect in my eyes.

Perfectly imperfect - he is great at being him!

39. You are so cute when you smile.

Heart melting, right??

40. I love it when you say my name.

Let him know you love hearing his voice.

41. Everything you do is adorable.

You know he's coming from a good place - even his mistakes are sweet.

42. You are my better half.

He makes you better than before!

43. I want to be your wife and the mom of your kids.

You're in it for the long haul!

44. I cherish the time we spend together.

Show him you appreciate spending time with him!

45. You're my home.

Wherever he is, you want to be.

46. You make my heart sing.

Even the darkest days are lifted when you're together.

47. Your kisses are sweeter than honey.

And just as addictive!

48. I can’t help but blush around you.

He makes you feel like you're one first date!

49. My eyes are only for you.

He doesn't have to worry - you're all his.

50. My heart races the moment I see you.

You'll never get tired of being with him.

51. Words can’t explain how much I love you.

Kisses can do a better job...

52. You make my dopamine levels go silly.

The chemicals tell the tale - you're obsessed!

17 Nice Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Want to really make his day? Make sure to go out of his way to be extra nice to him! There is nothing that creates a more calming atmosphere than to say a bunch of uplifting and encouraging comments.

This is a great move if you've been feeling a little tension in your relationship, or if there's been a lot of external stress. Make sure your relationship is a safe space that's filled with a lot of comfort and warm feelings. And if it feels a little hard for you, that makes it even better - coming up with nice things to say to your boyfriend is benefiting him AND you. Bonus!

Here are 17 nice things to say to your boyfriend: 

53. I thank God every day that I have you.

This was all arranged, and boy is it amazing!

54. Your touch feels like magic.

Fireworks and more!

55. Your mom raised such a beautiful man.

Valuing his family's legacy is a great way to honor their connection.

56. It’s my turn to treat you like a prince.

Let him know you want him to feel cared for.

57. I love how driven you are.

He's going to move mountains and you will cheer him on every day!

58. Just hearing your name makes me smile.

That happens when he's your favorite person!

59. Fate has brought me to you.

There may have been twists and turns, but now you're here!

60. I love you more than you will ever know.

But promise that you'll try and show him every day!

61. Your happiness is my happiness.

Link your goals, and seek for each other's greatness!

62. You look beautiful when you laugh.

Joy looks good on him!

63. Your eyes are so captivating.

Spend some silent time gazing into them - it builds a lot of connection.

64. Your perspective is refreshing.

Thank him for teaching you new things.

65. I'm inspired by you.

Let him know how much you loving watching him change the world!

66. You're a great listener.

A good ear is a rare gift.

67. You're one of a kind!

He was made for great things! Help him accomplish them.

68. You're so thoughtful.

This is an undervalued feature - let him know you see him.

69. There's ordinary, and then there's you.

Wildly extraordinary - that's your guy!

70. Your voice soothes my soul.

Who needs a sound machine?? He is the best at calming you down.

20 Romantic Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

If you really want to turn the flames up in your relationship, then it's time to turn the talk to romance. These romantic things to say to your boyfriend will help keep that love fire burning!

Most guys love to hear how they have kept you swept off your feet! Letting him know frequently is a great way to encourage him that you love the time and effort he puts into romancing you, and that's a win for you both.

Here are 20 romantic things to say to your boyfriend:

71. I'm scared to lose you.

Do the work to make sure he feels valued.

72. You make my heart flutter.

Those butterflies love to come out when he's around.

73. I'm the luckiest woman.

No need for the lottery - you've already won!

74. Nothing compares to your love.

Let him know there is nothing you would trade!

75. No one understands me the way you do.

How does he get you so well??

76. I love it when you kiss me.

Those kisses are worth everything!

77. I will forever fight for you.

Any battle is worth it!

78. You are my dream come true.

You are my happy place.

79. I could never stop loving you.

It's a choice, and you choose to keep on loving him.

80. You are the perfect date.

It can be fast food in a parking lot - he will always be your dream date

81. I always choose you.

No one "better" is going to come along - you're committed!

82. You bring calmness to my chaos.

Thank him for helping bring order and calm to your big emotions.

83. I'll look for you even in the afterlife.

In this life and the next, you're in it for the long haul.

84. When I close my eyes, all I see is you.

He is literal dreams come true!!

85. We are in this together.

No matter what, rise or fall!

86. My lips miss yours.

Those kisses are addictive!

87. You are a gift from heaven.

You thank God every day for pairing you up.

88. You are my perfect match.

There are so many ways you guys sync up.

89. You are my joy and my passion.

Thank him for being such a wonderful part of your life!

90. I think I can conquer the world with you by my side.

You are an unstoppable team!

Downloadable and Printable List of Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Here is the downloadable and printable List of things to say to your boyfriend (right click the image and select Save Image As...):

How to Pick the Best Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Ready to go knock his socks off with all these sweet phrases? Maybe we should prep a little first. The fact is, if you come out the gate swinging with all these memorized lines, he may feel a little overwhelmed. Or maybe you're not even sure if you bring yourself to say some of these things.

No need to panic, we're going to walk through the best way to know what to say and when to say it. In no time at all, you'll be enhancing your relationship daily with these loving expressions.

Here is how to pick the best things to say to your boyfriend:

1. Check the pulse

You read through the list, so you have to know that not all of these are for everyone. I think we can all agree that someone on a second date shouldn't be telling her guy, "I'm scared to lose you." But, there are a lot of phrases on this here that would be perfect!

Use your discernment to take an accurate measurement of what stage your relationship is at, and choose accordingly. If y'all are almost ready to walk down the aisle, you basically have free reign. Everyone else, try to gauge what will speak love into your boyfriend's life, and what will make him stress.

2. Take the leap

Maybe you're not used to saying such disarming things, or maybe you're just not sure how your boyfriend will react. Let me just say, even if both of those things are true, it's always good to start somewhere.

Saying sweet and loving things is an important part of a long, healthy relationship. If it's awkward at first, that's ok! Part of growing a relationship is learning together. Start slow, but start! A lot of people aren't used to being so transparent in a relationship, but with time it will be part of your normal rhythm.

3. Have an agenda

Without being intentional, you'll start saying sweet things to your guy and then the habit will fade out. You want saying nice things to be a key part of your relationship - it gives strength and stability and encourages you to see the best in each other. 

If you need to, put it on your calendar to give him compliments to encourage him. It may seem unromantic, but getting into the habit is the best way to make it feel natural. He'll notice, and be so encouraged - I can almost guarantee you'll see a literal spring in his step. After that, you'll be finding excuses to tell him nice things - just to see his face!

More More Awesome Ways To Talk To Guys

There's a lot more to learn on how to get the guy. Check out the other articles below.

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In Conclusion

When it comes to finding sweet things to say to your boyfriend, the fact is, the more natural the better. There are some really eloquent lines on here, but don't be afraid to start with a simple, "you're awesome and you should know!"

We all need people to lift us up, and there is no better gift you can give your boyfriend than letting him know that you are always in his corner. Did you know it takes 10 positive comments to mentally outweigh 1 negative comment? Whether it's about his appearance, his work ethic, the way he treats you, or others, or his awesome character - always be prepared with some nice things to say to make sure he knows how amazing he is!

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