Stop wondering, "Is he in love with me?" and know the unmistakable signs that what you have is true love.

As a relationship expert and dating and life coach, my success proven by my countless features and popular blog articles, I know how to recognize the signs he loves you. Let me teach you, so you're not left asking yourself, "Does he love me?"

Now, pay close attention, and let's work out if you have a loving partner.


"Is He In Love With Me?"- 6 Signs To Confirm His Feelings For You

If you're not sure whether you're getting any real signs he likes you, then it's time to confirm his feelings. Don't be left second-guessing where you stand in your relationship. A woman deserves to know she's loved.

Sign #1: He considers you a priority.

If your guy is prioritizing you, he's showing a good sign of deeply falling. It's a true act of love when a man puts his woman's needs, wants, and feelings before his own. It could be shown by him shuffling plans to be with you or canceling a night out with the boys when you're sick so he can take care of you.

Sign #2: He talks about his future plans with you being part of it.

He's picturing your lives together, planning holidays, talking marriage and kids. If he sees you in his future and makes plans that include you, he's already in love with you.

Sign #3: His body language is different when he's with you.

People treat their loved ones differently. If you watch how a person is with their family members and compare their attitude and body language when they're around their friends, there's a distinct contrast. If he's more relaxed and at ease, likes to be physically close to you, and allows you to see him at his emotional worst, it's a good sign his feelings are strong.

Sign #4: He goes out of his comfort zone for you.

The comfort zone doesn't need to be extreme. It could be as simple as him being willing to go out and purchase your feminine products, he doesn't complain when you leave him with your friends, or there's no longer any shame when it comes to bodily functions. As gross as that last one may sound, that's love.

Sign #5: There's a deep and strong connection forming in your relationship.

The casual relationship is gone and has been replaced with one where you are both open and available to one another. He's in tune with your emotions, and you feel like he can read what you're thinking.

Sign #6: He introduces you to his family and friends and wants to meet yours too.

Once introductions are made to friends and family, a relationship has definitely stepped forward. It's a whole new feeling and an indication he's taking your relationship seriously. This is a great sign of love.

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What Makes A Man Fall In love With A Woman

To learn how to make him want you, first you need to understand some psychological facts about men. Remember, some guys don't express or show their feelings, but that doesn't mean he's not falling for you. Understand his love language, and your relationship might just become a romantic success story.

1. He's able to see a future with you.

Real men like stability as much as any woman. They feel security and assurance of a relationship working when their values and life goals align with the person they're with. This helps with him not fighting his feelings and being more inclined to fall in love.

2. Physical and emotional attraction, plus sexual chemistry.

The attraction and connection between two people are important in relationship psychology. A new relationship begins with discovering a mutual attraction, but it deepens with emotional connection. A healthy relationship requires that connection. It can also be felt by having sexual chemistry and seeing the potential for a long-term relationship which plays a role in falling in love.

3. He feels valued and appreciated.

The way you make him feel plays a big part in him falling for you. If you make him feel your affection, that he's valued and appreciated, it helps push your relationship to the next level. This is as simple as telling him how much you appreciate the nice things he does and triggering his hero instinct. Make him feel needed and important.

4. They're accepted for who they are.

If you push a person to act a certain way or be something they're not, it's unlikely the words "I love you" are going to be said. Guys want to be their authentic selves and be appreciated for who they are. He'll feel a natural bond with you if you can do that.

5. He doesn't feel pressured to be in the relationship.

The love you potentially have for him will be reciprocated if you allow your relationship to grow and develop gradually and organically. Don't push or pressure him into feeling something he doesn't. He won't say "I love you" with you playing mind games or testing him to prove you're an important person in his life. Feel secure and confident, and it will happen. He'll be more open to having a loving relationship without external pressures.

Being in Love vs. Infatuation: 5 Differences

These two feelings are known to get confused with one another. And it's easy to understand why. They're both intense emotions, but if you know the ways your brain falls in love, then you'll realize they are distinctively different.

1. It feels different.

Loving someone feels like a deep affection, where there is a sense of satisfaction. You're happy for your person, even if they don't love you back. On the other hand, infatuation feels like an all-consuming need to be with the other person. They're like a drug.

2. How you view them:

When you're infatuated with someone, it's easy to see that person as perfect. They're your ideal partner in every way. Whereas with loving someone, you see their imperfections and flaws, but it doesn't matter. The feelings are strong anyway.

3. Your level of connection:

You can be infatuated by a person even when you don't truly know them. You've never had any real interactions or meaningful and deep conversations, yet you want this person. When you really love someone, you've had those undeniable moments of closeness, where you've opened and shared, connecting on a deeper emotional level.

4. The attraction:

With infatuation, your attraction to them is more surface level. It's based on what they look like or how they act in public settings. Love might not have a reason for the attraction or is more about feelings of a strong connection because of intellectual and emotional compatibility.

5. Time factor:

Infatuation happens pretty quickly, but with time, it eases, and the feeling changes. Even some distance can break the obsession-like reaction to them. But with love, it grows and develops over time. Even with separation, the feelings don't change.

Guy Is Falling In love With You, Now What?

Now that you know how to make a guy fall in love with you, what next? Here's some advice about how to handle him falling in love:

Do's :

  • Do respect his feelings if you're not quite ready to move your relationship forward. A man can have his heart broken as easily as any woman.
  • Do continue enjoying your time together by going on dates and continuing to talk. Keep having those deep conversations.
  • Do understand that love doesn't mean you need to take things to the next level right away.
  • Do talk about what this means for both of you. Make sure your future plans align, and your values are compatible.
  • Do have important conversations like discussing your finances, whether you want kids, share past relationships, and talk about where you'd like to live in the future.


  • Don't take him for granted. Learn why men pull away to make sure you don't make these mistakes.
  • Don't stop dating just because you know he loves you. You need to continue putting in the same effort into your relationship.
  • Don't stop communicating because it's essential for a healthy relationship.
  • Don't make him your whole life. Just because you know he loves you, don't lose your individuality in loving him back.
  • Don't question whether he's "the one." No person or relationship is perfect. If you love each other and there are no signs you're in a toxic relationship, then continue being happy with him.

5 Relatable Quotes About Falling In Love

Some great relationship advice can be learned from romantic love quotes, and they can also be sweet words for him if you need something to say.

"You can’t blame gravity for falling in love." - Albert Einstein

The right person comes along, and it just happens. There'll be an unmistakable sign the person you're with is who you're meant to be with.

“I fall into him like one would fall into a dream, ready to submit to your subconscious’s innermost desires and your deepest fears.” — Stephanie Binding

It's a great sign of a strong and loving relationship when you are able to truly open up to someone without fear. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable, expressing your most secret thoughts and feelings... that's love.

“I don’t know how to say this, or even if it’s true. But I love the way you make me feel, and I think I’m falling for you.” – Nicole Kinder

This would be a good thing to hear on date night with your special person. When you find your true love, it makes you realize why your past relationship didn't work out.

"First best is falling in love. Second best is being in love. The least best is falling out of love. But any of it is better than never having been in love." - Maya Angelou

A person may come and go, but their memories stay forever. But despite a chance of your relationship not working out, loving someone is always worth the risk of trying.

“When I fall in love, it will be forever.” – Jane Austen

Jane Austen was a remarkable woman whose works of romantic fiction will forever be loved. But this quote wasn't from her books, but from BBC's miniseries Sense and Sensibility based on one of her famous books.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're looking for more answers to decoding true signs of a man's loving feelings, you can always check out James Bauer's book His Secret Obsession. Or, you can check out these answered frequently asked questions:

Is there a difference between loving someone or being in love with them?

Loving a person and being in love with them can be equally fierce and passionate, but there are some differences. Being in love means you put the other person first, and you're willing to make sacrifices for their wellbeing and happiness, whereas simply loving someone means you hope for their wellbeing and happiness.

I have a male friend who chats with me every day. Even a single day doesn't pass without his messages. Is he falling in love with me?

A person doesn't put unnecessary effort into a relationship if he doesn't care about it. Your friend reaching out is one of the subtle signs of love. But this doesn't mean it's romantic love. However, if he's showing other signs, there's a good chance he's falling for you. How he treats you matters, so pay attention. Read his body language and watch out for constant eye contact when you're together physically. These indicate he could want more than just friendship.

How to deal with the truth if the guy is not really in love with you?

It can be upsetting if you see signs he's not into you. Take a step back and try hard not to focus on it. Instead, love you! Loving yourself is a great way to deal, so practice a lot of self-care and continue to keep up healthy habits.

Are men scared to show their true feelings?

This is becoming less and less true as more men are encouraged to talk about and share their feelings. Whether it's on social media, a clinical psychologist's public movement speech, or with family and friends, there is a push for men not to shy away from showing emotions. The old belief that if guys show feelings, it means they're weak is no longer true.

Do guys fall in love again with the same person even though they already separated ways before?

It doesn't matter if it's a man or woman; falling back in love with someone is possible. Time could have passed, and yet all those feelings can come rushing back. Before rekindling an old flame, it's important that there has been personal growth and time for each person to heal after whatever it was that separated them.

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Don't get stuck in limbo asking, "Is he in love with me?" Know the signs he loves you. It could be as easy as understanding his love language or seeing the unmistakable signs of the emotional attraction between you.

If you're still unsure and left asking, "does he love me" by the end of this, then why not simply ask him?