So, you need to get a gift for your guy! You want to strike the right balance of sexy and fun, practical and silly. Maybe you want a gift that shows him that you really know him or want to try encouraging him to try new things!

Whatever the occasion, we have some great ideas of gifts for your boyfriend that will totally blow him away. Check out these different lists to find him the perfect present!


9 Best gifts for Boyfriend

Maybe it’s his birthday, or maybe it’s just because. You just know you want his gift to be as special and thoughtful as he is!

High-tech to rustic, there are options here you probably have never thought of!

1. Soundwave On Acrylic Block

Say exactly what you mean! Choose a phrase or song lyric and have its soundwave colorfully displayed in glass where it’s always in sight.

2. Facebook Portal Smart Video Calling 10” Touch Screen Display with Alexa Black

This state of the art portal makes video calls effortless, making it insanely easy to see his gorgeous face whenever you want!

3. iRobot Roomba

Score more one-on-one time by knocking out a few chores for him, freeing up time for more enjoyable activities.

4. Small Duffel Bag

Got a getaway planned? Grab a pair of these lightweight, spacious duffels that are perfect for a quick weekend trip.

5. Windproof Athletic Pants

Encourage his fitness goals with these water repellant pants that offer plenty of flexibility, and pockets too. He’ll stay comfy through any activity.

6. Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker Home Keg Kit

Keep him caffeinated with smooth, frothy cold brew at the pull of a tap.

7. Timex Full-Size Ironman Rugged 30 Watch

With it's sturdy band and tactical look, this timepiece is masculine in both form and function.

8. Slim Wallet with Money Clip

Keep him organized with this wallet that’s slim and stylish. This wallet is all that he needs, and not an ounce more.

9. Kneading Pillow Massager

Melt your partner's stress away with this powerful, heated massager.

9 Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

When picking birthday gifts for your boyfriend, you’ll want to choose something creative and surprising, but also just right! I’ve picked some great options that are sure to be exactly what he didn’t even know he wanted.

Ring in his next birthday with one of these unexpected gifts that are sure to knock his socks off! Any one of these will be sure to please.

10.Damascus Steel Knife

This intricately engraved and inlaid blade goes way beyond the typical pocket knife.

11. Acoustic Guitar

Set him up with this beginner guitar so he can start living out his goals of learning to play!

12. Wood Phone Docking Station

Strong and sturdy - just like your man. Make starting the day easier than ever with this innovative organization station.

13. Pro Massage Gun

Soothe every sore muscle with this concentrated massage tool - this is the perfect gift for the guy who is constantly going for his own PR at the gym.

14. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Be prepared for any scenario with this remarkable thermos that keeps beverages at the perfect temp, all day long!

15. Bluetooth Beanie

Let him keep his head comfy while listening to his favorite podcast!

16. Custom Silverware

Bring out the kid in him with this adorable, personalized spiderman cutlery.

17. Bond Touch

These innovative bracelets are sure to keep you connected. Touch it once, and your boyfriend’s bracelet will vibrate, reminding him that he is always on your mind.

18. Wireless Touchpad Keyboard

Help streamline his tech setup with this futuristic keyboard.

5 DIY Gifts For Boyfriend

Is your guy hands on? Is everything a project that's absolutely brimming with potential? Then this list has some great options for you.

These DIY gifts for your boyfriend will help him tap into his creative side. Maybe he can investigate a hobby he loves or learn a brand new skill - the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

19. Dude Crafts: The Man's Guide to Practical Projects, Backyard Ballistics, and Glorious Gags

This guide is packed full of hilarious and inventive distractions to keep your boyfriend entertained - just be prepared to tag along!

20. DIY Guitar Pick Punch Mega Gift Pack

Make it easy for him to get just the right pick with this ultimate punch gift pack.


21. Deluxe Hot Sauce Kit

Say goodbye to wimpy condiments and say hello to hot sauce limited only by daring and creativity.

22. Wood Carving Whittling Kit

Go low tech and help your guy start a new hobby.

23. Engraving Tool Kit

This gift is really for yourself - think of all the amazing ways he can customize anything you want!

7 Cute Gifts For Boyfriend

Maybe your man is the strong and sensitive type, or maybe he just loves how adorable you are. Either way, these cute gifts for your boyfriend are sure to make him even more crazy about you. 

This list is packed with endearing gifts that are sure to make him say “awwwww!” Scroll through these charming presents to find the one that’s just the right amount of sweet!

24. I Love You To The Moon and Back Wood Photo Frame

Remind him just how far you’d go for him with this adorable and classy frame. Throw in a favorite picture of you two to make it complete!

25. Scratch Your Travels Art Map

Commit to many miles of happiness with this inspiring gift.

26. Sushi Socks

These are the perfect gift for the guy who both loves Japanese cuisine and likes to add some pizazz to his office wear.

27. Engraved Stainless Steel Keyring

It can be hard to remember all the special days you have together - help him out with this adorable keychain!

28. Night Lamp

Small, with just the right amount of glow, this Studio Ghibli lamp is perfect for his bedroom, bathroom, or for adding a little personality to his desk.

29. Mens Boxers

Life is too short to wear boring old underwear!! Get him a variety of these hilarious boxers to keep him laughing every time he gets dressed.

30. Godinger 5 Piece Airplane Bartools With Stand

Make cocktails in style with this heavy, high-quality set that's equipped for any drink.

6 Anniversary Gifts For Boyfriend

When you’re picking anniversary gifts for boyfriend, you want to get something memorable. These gifts celebrate where you’ve come from and where you’re going!

You can pick something sweet or something practical - you know what he’ll love! Just choose a gift that will be meaningful to you both as you commemorate this milestone!

31. Travel Laptop Backpack

Protect his valuables with this sturdy, high-end bag that has every feature he could want. Now if it could only do his work for him!

32. Led flame table lamp

Add some mood lighting and music with this hardworking lamp. Flickering lights, smooth bass, effortless pairing - this light has it all going on!

33. Sleep Headphones

Give him his beauty rest with these cushy headphones that will block out all the sounds except the ones he chooses to fall asleep to.

34. 12 Gauge Shot Glasses Set of 4

These shot glasses are a creative gift for a guy who knows his way around a rifle. Each glass holds a double shot, and portions of the proceeds go towards the Wounded Warrior Project!

35. The Book of Unusual Knowledge

A slightly tongue in cheek gift for the guy who thinks he knows everything.

36. Electronic Organizer

Make sure he is never without power with this perfectly sized cord organizer.

8 Valentines Day Gifts for Boyfriend

Valentines Day gifts for your boyfriend are the perfect time to explore getting something sweet, sexy or just silly! There are way more options than just the typical box of chocolate.

From practical to prank, there are lots of ways to make him smile on this day of love!

37. Marvel Deadpool Valentine T-Shirt

Tell him he’s your Daffodil Daydream with this awesome shirt. Sweet and funny, just like your guy - it’s perfect!

38. Polaroid Snap Touch

Capture your memories in real time and print them out on the spot in stunning color.

39. Shaving Kit for Men

Your boyfriend works hard, and he deserves some pampering too! Remind him that you think he is worth taking care of!

40. Industrial Steampunk Pipe Desk Organizer

Dress up his desk with this inventive desk organizer!

41. Men's Plush Long Bathrobe

Encourage him to make the most of those weekend mornings off in this comfy robe. This luxurious wrap simply begs for breakfast in bed.

42. Amazon eero mesh WiFi router

Expand his digital horizons with this little router that makes a huge impact.

43. Tree of Life Leather Journal

Is he an external processor? Help him get his thoughts in order with this posh and pragmatic gift.

44. Framed song lyric

Have your favorite words of love scripted out in this artistic and sentimental framed print.

7 christmas gifts for boyfriend

When shopping for Christmas gifts for your boyfriend, use the season to show him you know him better than anyone - except maybe Santa!

From silly desk distractions to comfy clothes, to some unexpected necessities, this list has you covered. No coal for him - your sweetie has earned his spot on the nice list!

45. Hanes Men's Ecosmart Fleece Sweatshirt

This soft, snuggly option comes in any color and will be perfect for you to adopt once it has just the right amount of his smell.

46. How Not to Be a Dick: An Everyday Etiquette Guide

Maybe it's a funny joke, maybe it's a subtle hint. Either way, this book is a winner.

47. Grill and Panini Press

Set him up to make his very own high quality, crispy sandwiches at home, exactly how he likes them. It sounds like a perfect date night!

48. Personalized Pocket Compass

Let him know you'll follow him anywhere with this luxurious compass.

49. Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit

Break him out of cubicle doldrums with this fantastic desk toy.

50. Bob Ross Bobblehead

Remind him that mistakes are just happy accidents - even when he's stuck in traffic.

51. Turntable

Let him listen to music the way it was meant to be heard - on vinyl! This small, rustic turntable fits both sizes of records and is the perfect gift for a guy with discerning taste.

How to Pick The Best Gifts For Boyfriend

Giving gifts is a great way to show your love! If it’s not your strength, we’re here to help you give a gift that will be appreciated for years to come.

There are plenty of perfect gifts for any guy and any occasion. There are so many, it can be overwhelming! We’ve made a short guide to help make choosing a gift as easy as unwrapping it will be.

1. Know the occasion

Is it his birthday? Your anniversary? Is he completing a course or getting a promotion? A lot of events have themes that help narrow down the kind of gift you should choose.

For valentine’s day, choose a gift that shows your love. For an achievement like graduation, pick something that will set him up for success in the next season. Tying the gift to the event shows intentionality and thoughtfulness - it’s like giving two gifts in one!

2. Know your price range

Don’t go into debt to give a good gift. When you put a little thought into it, there are plenty of ways to show you care with presents that are inexpensive.

But if you want to give a big gift, be smart about it. Save up for it, shop around to get the best price, maybe ask some family or friends to go in on it with you. And most of all, make sure it’s something he’ll totally love!

3. Know the message you’re trying to send

Gifts can send a clear message, so make sure you know what you’re saying. Giving him matching monogrammed luggage is different than buying a desk toy, so make sure you buy gifts that are relationship appropriate for where you guys are at.

But that doesn’t mean serious couples need serious gifts. A silly, playful gift can infuse your relationship with a spark of fun, or just let your guy know that his interests matter to you, even if you think video games are dumb.

More Awesome Tips To Get The Guy

  1. Looking to cheer up your man? Here are some cute things to say to your boyfriend to remind him how much you adore him.
  2. Speaking our love takes practice. Be intentional about having sweet things to say to your boyfriend.
  3. If it feels like your dates have a hit a little lull, here are some questions to ask your boyfriend to bring back that conversational spark!

In Conclusion

There is no doubt that you'll find some perfect gifts for your boyfriend on this list! Remember, it's not the size of the present, or the cost - just get something that he will enjoy and that lets him know you care!

There are tons of opportunities to get your boyfriend a little something to make his day, so keep some of these ideas in mind the next time he could use some encouragement, fun or congratulations!