Do you know how to respond to "I love you"?

Confessions feel like they can come out of the blue. One moment, you might be friends, and the next... you might be taking your relationship to the next level! Does he love me? Fortunately, as a dating expert, I can help prepare you for when this happens.

Are you brave enough to read on? I'll help you out, so let's begin!


Ultimate List on How to Respond to "I Love You" So You Won't Be Caught Unprepared

This is the ultimate list of ways to respond when someone says I love you. Are you in a romantic relationship? Trying to find the right words on how to reply to I love you? These magic words are sweet responses to the romantic feelings your loved one has when they confess to you. If you want to know how to respond to I love you, this list will help you accomplish that!


4 Alternative Responses Instead of "I Love You, Too" When In A Relationship

Looking to spice up your love life? Are you tired of responding in the same way whenever someone says that they love you? Each of these alternative responses to I love you is a different way of responding to the affection your loved one shares with you. You'll never go back to just saying "I love you, too," when you've got these witty replies!

1. Really? Then why aren't you kissing me right now?

It takes a bit of courage to say this one, but this is a good, straightforward response. When love and romantic tension is in the air, then's the right time to say this. Just kiss each other already! There's no better way to communicate that you want him to your boyfriend.

2. Before you said that, I didn't know that I could love you any more than I do right now. I was wrong.

This response communicates a strong feeling of happiness towards the person that confessed to you. You're telling him that you deeply appreciate his kindness and unconditional love when you say this. When you feel great gratitude towards someone, these are the perfect words to communicate your heartfelt emotion.

3. I'm here for you 'til infinity and beyond.

This is a romantic spin on the famous movie quote "to infinity and beyond." In a committed relationship, saying this means you're here for him in the long run. You've got their back through thick and thin, and you're always by their side. When you want to stay with him for as long as possible, respond with this.

4. I am so lucky to have you in my life.

When you feel blessed by their presence, this is a good idea for what to say in response. Show your endearment and appreciation of him by responding in this way. If he's an active and welcome presence in your life, prove that you truly adore him with these words.

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4 Cute Replies Without Saying Those Three Words Back

It's typical and overstated to respond to the L word by saying the same thing in return. If you don't want to respond to those little words in such an overdone way, why not try these sweet responses to I love you? Saying the right phrase or expression at the right time can help communicate your love towards them in a special way.

5. You just made my heart skip and sing at the same time!

Say this when you're really surprised that they confessed to you. Do they make your heart throb? Do they make you happy just being there? If spending time with him makes your heart beat fast, this response communicates excitement.

6. I didn't get that. Can you say that again? And again? And again?

Throw their feelings for a loop when you respond to him with this. He might think he wasn't heard at first, but every time you repeat "And again?" he'll figure out that you want him to say it over and over again. It'll both surprise and get a laugh out of him.

7. If you keep saying that, I think I might just have diabetes.

If you want sweet, then this is as sweet as can be. Being told that you're loved can be a sweet and delicious feeling - so sprinkle a little humor in your response by saying this. They'll enjoy a little joke to ease the tension.

8. I think my name just turned into Winnie the Pooh, and you are my honey.

Are there any closer couples in all media than Winnie the Pooh and his honey? Tell this to the person you absolutely can't live without. Like honey, he's your sweet treat, your favorite thing, the highlight of your day. If he makes your days better just by being there, tell him this.

4 Sweet Ways To Show That The Feeling Is Mutual

True love comes when both sides feel the same towards each other - the mysterious and powerful feeling of love. If your loved one confesses "I love you" to you, and you feel the same way, then try using these sweet responses to communicate to him that the feeling is mutual.

9. Those three words never fail to make my day.

If you never tire of hearing those three magic words, these are the words to say in response. Do you love hearing those words come out of his lips? Then this will tell him you'll never tire of hearing it come from him.

10. I will never love another person as much as I love you.

If he's the only one for you and an irreplaceable presence in your life... These words will communicate just how much you treasure him. Romantic love can indeed last a lifetime, especially if your feelings towards each other are strong enough.

11. If this is a dream, I hope I never wake up.

Sometimes, a confession can feel sudden and unbelievable. When you tell him this, you're telling him that you feel like you're dreaming... and that you never want to stop dreaming of this moment. Still, you're not dreaming if you've made it to this point. What he feels for you is real, and the same goes for what you feel for him.

12. You are the moonlight of my nights and the sunshine of my days.

If you're looking for a smoother, sophisticated response to the words "I love you," this pickup line works wonders. There's nothing like being compared to the biggest things in the sky - the sun and the moon. It means he's just as big to you as they are.

4 Romantic Responses To Tell Your Romantic Partner

Sweet responses can be great ways to tell your romantic partner that you love them as much as they love you. But, you might want to respond more romantically - to fill the air with the tension and scent of romance. Try these romantic replies if you're looking for a more heated and exciting time.

13. You are my dream come true.

Tell him he's everything you want, all you're thinking about. He's your dreamboat, your honeypot, your sweet cake. When you tell him this, he'll surely feel flattered. If he's your dream come true, then don't wait too long to say this.

14. You are my other half, without you, I won't be complete.

If he is an irreplaceable part of your soul, there's no greater confession than this. If he's the one that completes your puzzle, solves your mystery, and fills in your missing pieces... He's the one you want to tell this. What is greater flattery there than the truth?

15. You are my soulmate, my partner in crime, my everything, and my forever.

He's the one for you. The greatest treasure you could ever have and want. He's been by your side since the beginning. He's stuck with you through every trial and challenge. If you're going to spend forever being with him, these might be the right words to say.

16. I have never felt this right and this comfortable around another person.

If you trust him above everyone else, to the point where you can feel like yourself around him, then these are the words that you want to tell him. He'll feel truly blessed to be told that he makes you feel the best you can be, rather than anyone else.

Downloadable and Printable List Of Ways To Respond To I Love You

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of how to respond to I love you (right-click the image and select Save Image As:)

5 Ways to Know If He Is Truly and Madly Falling in Love With You

Confessions can come as a surprise, especially when they seemingly come out of the blue. Thankfully, you can detect early on that he's falling in love with you. There are signs he loves you and signs he's into you, and noticing them early on can help prepare you for when a confession comes. So, look closely at the person of interest, and see if he's madly in love with you!

1. He treats you like a priority.

If he places you above everyone else, drops everything to do something for you or to be with you, and generally holds you high above everyone else, then there's a big chance he might be in love with you. To get closer to you, he's willing to prioritize you above everyone else. So, watch carefully, and if he's been treating you like a favorite, he might just be smitten.

2. He sees you for who you truly are and loves you for it.

If he's willing to help you past your insecurities and see you for who you really are... Then he might actually love you for being yourself. If you've shared with him a secret or shown a side of yourself that you haven't shown anyone else, and he likes you for it, then it's quite possible he likes what he's seen and what he's learned. He might even say as much to you!

3. He is excited to talk to you and be with you.

If he's all smiles around you, then it might not just be him being polite; he probably enjoys spending time and being with you. If he's delighted by your presence and tries to find ways to spend as much time with you as possible, then there's a good chance he's actually in love with you and wants to be as close to you as possible.

4. He makes you involved in his life.

Does he share secrets with you, tell you what's going on in his life? This might be more than just trust - there might be love in the mix. If he's forthcoming about his personal life, more so than would be expected of a friend, then he might love you and want to involve you more with his life.

5. He remembers important details about you and your life.

Does he remember your birthday? The anniversary of the day you met? If he knows significant dates and details about you and your life, then he's probably very interested in you or even loves you outright. Ask him periodically about things about you that are easy to forget. If he can answer correctly, he might be trying to know more about you!

Unrequited Love: How To Graciously Reject Someone

Sometimes, things don't work out between people. Maybe you haven't known him for long enough; perhaps you just consider him a friend... Maybe there just isn't enough chemistry between the two of you. If that's the case, that's okay; it's not the end of the world for you both.

But, you might find yourself being the subject of some unwanted advances, and you might find the need to reject the person pushing them lightly. If you want to let them down gently, a simple "Thanks, but I'm not interested" can be a good way to let them down politely.

You want to be straight and upfront with the person making advances, but at the same time, you'll want to consider their feelings and be gentle when telling them no. Don't heartlessly push them out of the way, or it'll only cause that love to become hate. If you don't want to be in a relationship with them but still want to be friends, then the way to go is to be polite and friendly when you turn them down.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you've read this article until now, you're properly prepared for confessions and have plenty of responses to them. Do you still have questions about what to do when someone says I love you, though? If you do, I've got some more answers to some frequently asked questions regarding responding to those magic words.

Why do I feel awkward hearing my friend say he loves me?

There could be several reasons why you feel awkward when a friend confesses to you. Perhaps you only see them as a friend and don't hold any romantic love towards them. There is a slim chance you feel the same way they do - but you're not ready to commit to it just yet.

If your friend tells you that they love you, take it platonically at first, and if they say more, that's when you'll need to sort your feelings on the matter.

We only met online, but he keeps saying, "I love you." What's the proper response for it?

If you've only just met him and he's already telling you these words, then, for now, respond to him in a noncommittal way. Don't say "I love you too" in response; try something like "Thanks" instead. Meeting someone online can get you easily catfished or manipulated; wait until you've known them for a longer period before you start seriously considering replying.

If you've never met face-to-face, it can easily get you in a troublesome situation with them.

Why do people easily say these three words to someone?

It's the easiest way to communicate your feelings towards someone. They're considered magic words because they're a universal way of telling someone you love and appreciate them. Some people may use them in a platonic way, making it easier for them to say it outright, while others are more reserved and use them only for those that truly matter.

These three words are such universal words, so it becomes easy to use them, as the meaning they carry transcends languages.

I only receive silent treatment from a guy after confessing my feelings. Should I move on?

If your confession is met with silence, don't immediately panic; gauge their reaction first. If you notice no trace of dislike, then perhaps he's just trying to find a better time to respond to you. But, if a lot of time passes and he doesn't mention the event again, then it may be wise to move on; perhaps romance just isn't possible yet.

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In Conclusion

Confessing to someone takes a lot of courage and preparation, depending on how much you love them. Coming up with the proper response is an important part of that confession, to ensure their feelings aren't trampled on. After reading this article, we hope you're now prepared for the event someone confesses to you.