How to seduce a man can be quite daunting, especially if you don't know any seduction techniques.

I've been writing dating advice for quite some time. With features about dating on BustleCheat Sheet, and Reader's Digest, I know all about successful seduction and creating physical intimacy.

If you want to know how to flirt with a guy, first, you need to know how to approach him!

So, if "I want a boyfriend" is your current anthem, then this is for you!

Let's go!


How To Seduce A Man Without Being Creepy

Learning to be seductive and attracting a man's attention is not an overnight process but rather a series of enjoyable interactions. Making your man giddy with excitement and sexually attracted to you is useful to keep him interested.

But of course, you need to avoid the flirting mistakes that make you look creepy like Mantelligence talks about here.

Follow these 5 steps when seducing a man and avoid being creepy: 

Step #1: Attract them naturally with your body language.

You would be more naturally drawn to someone that shows availability. You can do this by using the art of body language attraction tricks that talks about here. Body language is extremely important as part of the art of seduction. You can create sexual attraction by the vibe you send off in how you stand, in your gestures, your words, and even your eye contact.

Step #2: Know what type of seducer are you.

As a woman wanting to learn more about how to seduce a man, it's important to know what kind of seducer you are and what seduction tactics work best for you. If a great romantic relationship and falling deeply in love is what you're after, then learn your style and seduction process. Start by creating that attraction and a sexual desire!

1. Siren

Think Marilyn Monroe! A siren doesn't have a particular seduction technique; a guy's eyes are just naturally drawn to her image and beauty. She is usually the subject of sexual fantasies. Visual creatures are attracted to her sexy curves, alluring eyes, and captivating smile.

As a siren, your looks are seductive! Your physical appearance can attract the opposite sex from across the room, and your allure and beauty can create sexual tension.

2. Rake

Rakes are the master of seductive language. If you pay close attention to these seducers, you'll learn some great seduction tips because they are natural players. They are the embodiment of confidence and will go to the ends of the Earth to get what they want. And if that's you, they have the seduction skill to win you over.

If you're a rake, seduction is second nature to you. However, you tend to embellish words of love and imply a promise of lasting relationships even before you're completely committed.

3. Ideal lover

The ideal lover brings your fantasy and desires into reality. Think Casanova, the epitome of the Ideal Lover.

You have a talent for mirroring someone's ideals. Whatever they may have a physical attraction to, you mimic that style. You take your time to really get to know someone and ask personal questions. You're able to seduce by the attention you give someone. A little bit at a time, you change into what they want in order for them to fall for you.

4. Dandy

Dandies tear apart the labels that society has placed on sexuality. They appeal to us because of their mysterious and enigmatic identities and their willingness to shatter stereotypes about sexual behavior.

If you're a dandy, your refusal to conform to the crowd is such an appealing trait that others all want a piece of it. You never find yourself in an awkward situation because you're free of inhibitions. Your liberation is a seductive thing.

5. Natural

A natural seducer draws out sympathy, and there is something about their child-like mannerisms that makes us want to protect them. There's no seduction technique; they're simply sincere.

As a natural seducer, you have fun no matter where you are. You have a gift of reminding people of their childhood. You make people feel at ease, and building a genuine connection is effortless.

6. Coquette

The Coquette goes from being hot and cold easily. They come enticingly with encouraging words or sensuous gestures, then leave. There one minute, then take a step back and separate themselves from you, like playing cat and mouse.

You are captivating but also frustrating. But people are drawn to you because it's human nature to want what we can't have.

7. Charmer

Charmers understand how to stroke someone's ego. They can make someone feel unique and wonderful. They are experts in social manipulation.

You charm and divert attention away from yourself and back onto others. As a charmer, you seduce others by validating them and making them feel good about themselves. You expertly massage others' egos and compliment their self-esteem.

8. Charismatic

Because charismatics use their larger-than-life attitude and passionate visions to seduce others, no specific touch is required to trigger arousal. The way they speak, their articulation, and their words are captivating.

You exude confidence and have an energetic, persuasive voice if you're a charismatic seducer. You can quickly persuade, influence, and attract others.

9. Star

The star seducer is almost too dream-like and perfect. They have a reputation for being unique and superior but can relate to us on a human level. This is what we're seduced by and why we're lured to them. They're up there with the stars, but they're close enough we believe we have a shot with them.

Step #3: Dress up with confidence. talks about the studies on dressing well and if we've learned anything, dressing up with confidence is an important factor to seduction!

While dressing up in high-end clothing may provide a momentary sense of satisfaction, true confidence is about more than the brands you wear or the image you project. Accept and work with your assets. It doesn't matter if you're planning to wear sexy lingerie or choosing a sexy outfit that you can wear on the dance floor; playing to your own strengths can help you dress with more confidence.

Step #4: Use seductive lines.

You need some flirty questions to use as seductive openers because enjoying some romantic talk with your crush is always fun. Try out some flirty conversation starters to help make your way into his heart.

They say kissing is the language of love. Would you like to start a conversation with me?

Maybe not a line to use when you're trying to pick up or seduce someone you've just met because it's a little forward, but a line to use on your boyfriend or husband. No doubt you'll be rewarded with a passionate kiss.

You are the kind of man my mom told me to bring to her. Will you like to go see her with me?

When saying and using these lines, keep your head high, a smile on your face, and let your eyes play a part in charming the guy.

When I met you, I realized that I had been living in a colorless world.

You don't need an expert to tell you great relationship advice is to keep your love life alive, no matter how long you've been together. Using a line like this with someone you've been in a relationship with for a while can make them feel appreciated and spark some passion and love.

Can we take a picture? Because I want to make sure Santa gets me the right present for Christmas.

Say this to your guy because it's wholesome, and he'll be flattered. Who doesn't want to be the gift someone wishes for?

Do you like what I'm wearing today? Oh, I'm not talking about the outfit; I'm talking about the beaming smile you gave me.

Nothing speaks of love like the happiness you show. Your eyes are bound to twinkle, you have a bounce in your step, and that smile never seems to disappear.

Step #5: Be yourself.

It's pretty self-explanatory, but just in case, this means not to lie or exaggerate about who you are. Being yourself is not agreeing to everything your crush says or doing things you're not comfortable with to seduce or make them like you. Be true to who you are.

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Seduction vs. Sexual Intention: What's The Difference?

The sexual intention is the reason behind seduction. While people seduce for many reasons, including attraction, love, or to initiate sexual intercourse, it's the sexual intention that drives the action. What women want in a man is to know that their reason for seduction is true and clear, that they aren't toying them along for the wrong reasons.

How To Handle Rejection If Things Go Wrong

We've all been rejected one way or another, so we know it hurts and can damage our pride. There are some ways to handle rejection when things go wrong so that we come out of it stronger.

Here's how to handle rejection if things go wrong:

Step #1. Accept it.

Accept that your seduction attempt failed and be honest with yourself about why. You'll feel better if you stop making excuses for what went wrong. Be realistic and understand that not everything goes to plan. Sometimes a failed seduction is because of bad timing, not the right method, or simply, your mark is wrong for you.

Step #2. Focus on your strengths.

Don't be that woman that only sees value in herself when she has a man. Never put yourself down just because you've been rejected. Focus on the positive parts of yourself and show yourself a bit of love.

Step #3. Don't dwell on it.

When a woman tries to seduce a guy and fails, it's only natural to feel embarrassed and useless. But try hard not to overthink it. Understand where you failed with your guy, then move on. Your seduction tactics won't win or work every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's understandable if you still have more questions regarding seduction, so, we've answered a few frequently asked questions.

How do I bring joy to my man over the phone?

How to seduce a man over the phone is all about the language and the words. A woman needs to know how to flirt over text and have some great questions and lines prepped to keep conversations going. Get passions burning with romantic things to say to your guy to make him blush!

Does a man's attention depend on how attractive a woman is?

Your appearance may play a big part in attracting a man's attention, but that doesn't mean you need to be a siren for him to turn his head your way. How you confidently present yourself, your personality, and your accessibility are things that will attract men's interest more than appearance.

When do you know if your seduction efforts are working?

There will be a response. It might be subtle, but he'll probably try to seduce you back when your attempt has taken full effect. He'll be attentive, keep eye contact, and probably smile a lot. He'll embrace your effort, flirt back, and say a few charming things to say of his own.

Are men easily seduced compared to women?

This has been a debate for a long time, and even now, people are divided as to whether men are more subjective to seduction than women. The answer is no. It's about the seducee and whether they're using the right techniques on their mark because not everyone can be seduced the same way.

The misconception of men being easier to seduce might be because the iconic type of seducer in media is the siren. It implies one look her way, and a guy is instantly attracted.

I'm not confident with my seduction skills. What should I do?

There are a lot of tips and advice online you can find to help improve some of those skills. You also need to build your confidence because that will help out a lot. A great way to start is simply having conversations with guys and learning how to flirt with a guy.

More Awesome Tips on How To Win Your Man's Heart

There is a lot to seduction, and there are many ways into a man's heart. And no, it's not just through his stomach!

  1. If you know how to compliment a guy well, it's a sure way to stay at the forefront of his mind. A man, just like anybody, likes to be appreciated and admired.
  2. Once you've got his attention, knowing how to kiss a guy is the next step. Of course, if the timing is right. You want to kiss him well enough that his toes curl, and he begs you for more!
  3. Add icing to your physical seduction techniques with the perfect sweet things to say to your boyfriend.


How to seduce a man is about understanding how to create physical intimacy and what seduction tactics work for you. Learn how to approach a guy and once you've got his attention, test out how to flirt with a guy. There are different ways, so find a successful seduction method that works for him.

Soon, you won't be saying, "I want a boyfriend!" because you'll have him eating out of the palm of your hands!