This is the only list of silly questions to ask you'll ever need!

Funny questions are great for conversation. Silly questions are even better because they're so much more colorful. We at Galtelligence love interesting questions - check out our posts such as these questions to fall in love or deep questions to ask friends if you need proof!

Ready to get silly? Let's begin.


Ultimate List Of Silly Questions To Ask

Ever get in a silly, curious mood? We know that feeling, and that's why we've come up with this list! This is the ultimate list of silly questions to ask - whether a friend, a boyfriend, or someone close to you, they'll enjoy being asked these playful, hilarious questions. Just make sure you're in the right mood when you ask these!

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6 Best Silly Questions To Ask Anyone To Cheer Them Up

Looking for some silly questions to ask your friends? We've got some that will cheer them up when they feel blue! A little mischief makes people smile - so get a little silly and try out some of these fun questions!

1. What is the go-to movie when you need a mood boost?

This one's a little weird because usually, when you feel down, you listen to music, play a game, or read a book instead of going on a two-hour-long movie sesh. But if you're in need of a prolonged pep rally, then a movie will do the trick! Personally, I like the good vibes of Disney animated films.

2. What world in a piece of media did you wish you could live in?

Ever read a book or watched and movie and thought, "Wow, I'd like to live where they do?" Maybe it's a sprawling fantasy world or a future technological utopia... or maybe it's just our world with a few key differences. This question will make them think hard about it!

3. If you were the best in the entire world at something, what would it be?

Not just one of the best, but the best. Is there something you'd like to be the best at like no one ever was? Whether a sport, hobby, or field of study, everyone will have a different answer to this.

4. What is your favorite line from movies?

Pick and choose your favorite line! Whether it's an earth-shattering reveal, a cool one-liner, or something that makes you go, "D'aww," there are plenty of picks. I, for one, would pick a silly, hilarious line that makes me giggle.

5. What's the one item you can't live without?

And no, don't just say that it's your phone! Think carefully about what you absolutely can't do without - and if it's got a funny story behind it, make sure to tell.

6. What is something you do that would be embarrassing if everyone found out?

Do you often do something that'd lead to an embarrassing moment if anyone ever found out? 'Fess up! Don't worry; we'll keep your secret. Make sure the person you're telling to also does.

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6 Funny Icebreaker Questions To Ask At A Party

Silly questions are great icebreakers. They're great for parties when meeting new people! We've got funny questions, and over at Mantelligence, they've got ice breaker questions. No one said silly questions couldn't be both! So, here they are.

7. What's the craziest thing you'd buy if you were given a million dollars?

What's the craziest thing you could get? There are tons of possibilities here, and everyone has something different that they want. Better make sure they can afford it - you've only got a million dollars!

8. What silly question would you ask me to make me laugh?

Questions can also be answers. If you're the one asking silly questions but also want to hear what questions others have, try asking them this. The answer may surprise you!

9. What silly quote would be written on your tombstone to describe your life?

Tombstones are a pretty grave matter, but sometimes people write something funny, usually darkly funny, on them. Would you write something silly or witty on your tombstone?

10. How do you feel about pineapple toppings on pizza?

Never has there been a more divisive argument. Some people love it; others hate it like it's the most reviled thing on earth... Pick a side, and tell us why you did.

11. If you were arrested inexplicably, what would your friends and family assume you had done?

Does your family think of you as a troublemaker? If so, what would they automatically assume if you were arrested? Just make sure to behave so this never happens!

12. What's your go-to karaoke song?

Everyone's gotta have one. Is it your favorite because you love the song or because you're the best at singing it? No matter what the reason, show off next time you go karaoke.

6 Silly Things To Ask Your Friends When You're Bored

Boredom sucks, and everyone knows it. A good way to stave off boredom is to ask something funny. We have some funny things to ask friends when bored, and at Mantelligence, they've got a list of things to do when bored. With these lists, you'll never run out of things to ask!

13. What would your day look like if you could have done anything you wanted today?

Is there something you want to do today or even every day? How radically would it change your day? I would love to go dancing at any point in the day. It'd make work more interesting if I could get away with it.

14. What was the greatest highlight of your day today?

We can't all have interesting days, but at least something good has to happen every day. So for today, what was it? No matter how small, think about how much better your day is with it.

15. What was your first impression of me?

This may be a little bit straightforward to ask. What did people think of you when they first saw you? If you ask this of friends you've known for a while, it may deepen your relationship with them, with how far you've come.

16. What's the most beautiful place you've been?

The world is full of beautiful scenery and places, so everyone has their pick. What place do you consider the most beautiful, and would you invite them there if you could?

17. What's your craziest travel story?

The thing about traveling is that it doesn't always go how you plan it. You can plan the itinerary for each day, but there's always something that'll go awry. Share your craziest travel story, and tell us - was it better or worse because of it?

18. How basic do you think I am on a scale from 1-10?

Prepare for some sick burns. If you're asking this, don't be too self-conscious, or you might hurt your own feelings. If you ask someone known for being blunt, you can only blame yourself.

6 Silly Would You Rather Questions To Ask Someone For Fun

Would you rather read this part of the list or not? We hope the answer is yes! You can ask silly would you rather questions, and over at Mantelligence, they've got a list of funny would you rather questions as well. So, ask them some of these for fun!

19. Would you rather stay in a 5-star hotel or go camping?

Are you a fan of the outdoors or prefer the lap of luxury? Both have their pros and cons. Make sure to specify where you'd go when you answer!

20. Would you rather be beautiful or smart?

Hmm... striking good looks or a huge brain. You can't have both, so better choose wisely. Either way, you'll likely attract a lot of praise for whatever you pick.

21. Would you rather be respected or well-liked?

They might sound similar, but some people who gain others' respect can be fairly intimidating. Would you rather everyone's admiration or their trust?

22. Would you rather be by yourself and wealthy for 10 years or poor and in a relationship?

To clarify, the relationship will also last at least 10 years! It comes down to which you prefer; company or luxury. While they say money can't buy happiness, would you still choose it?

23. Which would you rather have; more money or more time?

Do you have things you want to do each day but don't have enough time for it all, or do you want to do a lot of things but don't have the money for them? It depends on what you want to do that lacks one of the two.

24. Would you rather be able to talk to animals or know every language?

Here's a dilemma: would you like to talk to pets, animals, or every kind of person? Both are quite varied for plenty of reasons. Which do you prefer the company of more?

6 Playful Questions To Ask Your Man

If you've got a boyfriend, you may feel that urge to ask them something silly. If you don't know what to ask, this short list of questions to ask your boyfriend may help. Just make sure they're in the mood before you ask!

25. Have you ever peed while swimming?

This one's embarrassing to ask. But if you're brave enough to ask, your boyfriend may give you a funny answer. Make sure not to share a pool with them if they say yes.

26. Why can't we have strawberries with a straw?

Punny questions are great for setting a playful mood. Wouldn't you love to drink up the sweetness of a strawberry through a straw? Strawberry juice may be better, but it can't beat the tartness of the fruit.

27. If you were to marry a celebrity, who'd it be? Why?

Who's his celebrity crush, and why would he marry them? Everyone's got different tastes, and his answer may surprise you. Of course, you're the only celebrity in his heart.

28. Why didn't Dora's parents say anything to her, although she roamed all day?

Maybe they're laissez-faire parents. Free-roaming children raise themselves so they don't lift a finger. Either way, have your boyfriend mull this over for a while. He may have a funny answer.

29. Why do cookies have to be baked rather than cooked?

And on that note, why is bacon cooked and not baked? When you ask him this question, have some cookies on hand for plus points. If he answers in a way you like, slip him a cookie.

30. In space, where do they get their food?

It'd be pretty expensive to launch a rocket every time people get hungry. Maybe they grow their own food? It'd take them a while to get anything, though.

Downloadable and Printable List of Silly Questions To Ask

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of silly questions to ask (right-clicked the image and select Save Image As...):

3 Benefits Of Asking Silly Questions

Silly questions aren't just for fun - they have their own hidden benefits. They say that there's no question not worth asking, and this includes silly questions as well! So, here are some helpful benefits of asking silly questions that will add color to your day.

#1: They help you become more open-minded.

Because they're silly and random, they don't encourage you to give the usual answer. They make you think differently and broadly about your response because they aren't just simple questions. Whether or not you're on the giving or receiving end of a silly question, they encourage you to have an open mind.

#2: It can lead to creative solutions to our many problems.

Silly questions may be funny, but they aren't useless at all! Often, they give us a different perspective on a subject, and this perspective provides creative solutions to many problems. They certainly make us think differently than standard questions do.

#3: Silly questions allow you to discover what is known and unknown.

Like all questions, you learn a lot by asking someone them. Silly questions are no different. Silly questions help us learn uncommon and rarely-known things about the people we ask - sometimes even more than personal questions. Have you ever been asked something that you haven't given a lot of thought to? These silly questions do exactly that.

How To Pick The Best Silly Questions

Everyone's got a silly side to themselves. But do you ever find yourself at a loss for words when the mood strikes? Don't fret - we've got some simple, helpful tips on how to pick the best silly questions to ask. You'll never run out of material again if you pay attention to these tips!

Here's how to pick the best silly questions:

Tip #1: Be playful.

It can help a great deal to get in the right mood when making or picking your questions! Silly questions are often playful and funny and sometimes a little random. So if you're in the perfect mood to make your own silly questions, be playful! A little fun and games can make the questions seem more entertaining.

Tip #2: Think outside the box.

There are plenty of ordinary silly questions out there, but the best ones are the ones that no one would think to ask! So if you're looking for great questions, it's time to do away with ordinary thinking. Make your questions extraordinary by going off the beaten path. Give it some color!

Tip #3: Ask yourself before you ask others.

If you've settled for a question but haven't used it yet, check to see if it's a good question by asking yourself first. If the question makes you instinctively think of a funny and entertaining answer, then it's great! You don't want people to answer ordinarily - you want them to think of a silly answer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Enjoyed this list of funny, random questions? What's your favorite thing out of all the above? If you liked everything, then wonderful! This list has done its job. Do you have any questions about the topic? If so, I've answered a few questions that may help.

Is it OK to ask silly questions?

Of course! They can be great conversation starters and create lots of fun for you and the person you're asking. It's not the worst thing to ask, so long as you read the mood and ensure they're open to some silliness.

How important is our sense of humor?

Without a sense of humor, we'd have little joy in real life. Real life would be so boring and dry if we didn't have a funny thing to laugh at now and then. So, humor is necessary if we want to fight off boredom and depression.

Can I ask this list of questions to someone that I just met?

If you judge that they're willing to humor it, it's probably not the weirdest thing they've been asked. So, go for it! If nothing else, there's many a fun question in this list that may make them smile, at least.

What makes silly questions great?

Other than the fact that they're sometimes the weirdest thing you can ask someone? They infect people with laughter because they're so lighthearted and funny. You know that once you've been asked that, it's just a fun question, so there's no need to take it seriously.

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In Conclusion

Found your favorite silliest thing in this list of silly questions to ask? What's your favorite silly question? If you ever need conversation topics to ask your friend, ask them a silly question or two! Hopefully, you'll have a good laugh!