When you're in a relationship, saying romantic things to your boyfriend is about a lot more than saying those three little words. Romance in the context of a relationship is a multi-dimensional thing, and there are a lot of ways we show each other we care every day.

Taking time to affirm and have nice things to say to your boyfriend that let him know that you love and appreciate him, that you think he's valuable, and that you see his good qualities are all ways to enhance your relationship. It only takes a minute, but the effect it has on his spirit, and, in turn, your connection, lasts much longer.


13 Best Romantic Things to Say To Your Boyfriend

Whether it's on a hot date, snuggling at home, or waiting in line at the grocery store, there's no wrong time to gaze up at him and let him know how he makes you feel. In fact, the more organic - the better!

If watching him change the brakes in your car makes you feel all sorts of warm feelings, you should let him know! He'll love hearing feeling seen, and it will really grow your connection. This list has some of the best things you can say in that moment.

1. I love being in your arms.

Who doesn't love a good snuggle?

2. Nothing else matters but us together in this moment.

Be here, now. It's a gift you can give each other.

3. I love going out with you. It gives me a chance to show you off.

Let him know no other guy compares.

4. You are my soulmate.

If there was something missing, there isn't now.

5. I'm my best self when I'm with you.

Let him know that he brings out the best!

6. Thank you for being mine.

Choosing each other should always be seen as a gift.

7. I love every little thing about you.

Good things, awkward things, things that still need to grow - all part of what makes him up.

8. God has blessed me with such an incredible man.

Remind him that you've prayed for someone like him.

9. Even after all this time, you still give me butterflies.

Letting him know the romance is still burning will make him smile.

10. You always know how to make me smile, even when I’m down.

Show him you appreciate his good humor.

11. I can’t imagine my life without you.

He really makes everything feel like it has fallen into place.

12. You make me want to be the best I can be.

Acknowledging you're both growing together is bonding.

13. I am so lucky to have you as my boyfriend.

Let him know you'll never take it for granted.

13 Romantic Sweet Things to Say To Your Boyfriend

Chances are, one of the things your man loves most about you is your sweet side. It's tale as old as time - wild guy gets tamed by a sweet, fun-loving girl. Most men can 't resist a girl who dotes on them.

Even if it feels out of character for you, try out some of these sweet things to say to your boyfriend. I'll bet he thinks it's a pretty attractive move. 

14. You inspire me to chase my dreams.

Be each other's muse!

15. You make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

With a guy like him by your side, there's nothing you can't take on.

16. If I could just press pause, in this moment, I’d stay right here in your arms.

Let him know you treasure every moment together.

17. I want to know everything about you.

Follow this up with some questions, and thank him for his honest answers!

18. I fall in love with you every time you smile.

Show him those pearly whites don't go unnoticed.

19. I miss you when you aren’t with me.

Why can't you just do everything together??

20. If you were my cheese, I’d want to be your macaroni.

Cheesy? Yes, in the very best way.

21. You are my forever valentine.

Who needs an overpriced holiday to celebrate? You can enjoy being together every day.

22. When I close my eyes, all I see is you.

He's a dream come true.

23. I believe in you.

This is a biggie - remind him over and over you're on his team.

24. You make my life more beautiful.

He brings you rosy colored glasses and everything's just a little brighter.

25. Words aren’t enough to express my love for you.

But you'll keep trying til he knows!

26. Thank you for being you.

Let him know you value all of who he is.

14 Romantic Cute Things to Say To Your Boyfriend

These cute things to say to your boyfriend will remind him why he fell in love with you in the first place. While guys often feel like they need to act tough, most of them are pretty sensitive inside. These romantic phrases will touch parts of the heart they didn't even know were there. 

Try some of these lines out next time you're on a walk, or text it to him when he has a big day at work. He'll definitely feel loved and supported. 

27. My heart always races when I see you!

Those butterflies are never going away!

28. Life’s so much more fun with you in it!

Let him now you love that he's your bestie.

29. I want to fall asleep in your arms.

Safe, comfortable, hearts together - it's the best.

30. We’re destined to grow old together.

When you're old and gray, you'll be even cuter.

31. I can’t get enough of you – I’m a ‘You-Addict’!

There is no group to cure it.

32. I see you. you see me. Love is not blind.

It's purposeful, and you choose to see all of who he is.

33. If you run for president, I won't laugh.

Remind him he can go for anything!

34. Life is like a box of chocolates, and I got the nut.

A silly line for a silly guy.

35. Your butt is cute.

I mean, you're just saying it cuz it's true!

36. Home is where you are.

Where you go, I go, mister!

37. Receiving a text from you is the highlight of my day.

Even a little "hi" is a great surprise!

38. You’re the most precious thing I have in my life.

A great boyfriend is a gem.

39. You are my knight in shining armor!

Brave, chivalrous, and handsome - what a compliment!

40. You set my heart racing!

There's no competition for your affections.

12 Romantic Nice Things to Say To Your Boyfriend

Who doesn't like it when someone says something nice? Too often, our days are filled with people being a little cranky. Take it on yourself to brighten his day with these nice things to say to your boyfriend.

Everyone needs a support team! Elect yourself president of his fan club and make sure he knows that, no matter what, you'll always see the good in him.

41. You’re the kind of guy every girl would dream of having.

Let him know that he's quite the catch!

42. I’ve never met a guy who can pick such thoughtful gifts for a girl!

It's the thought that counts, and he really does the work!

43. I wish I could have your sense of humor.

Tell him you appreciate his bright wit.

44. You never, ever let me down.

Appreciate that he's a man of his word.

45. The more I know you, the more I love you.

Your time together just keeps getting better and better!

46. Just hearing your name makes me smile.

He'll know he's your very favorite.

47. You are mine, forever and always.

Let him know that you're willing to be his ride or die.

48. You always plan the best surprise.

When he goes out of his way, make sure he knows you noticed!

49. You look just like Ryan Reynolds with your hair like that.

Or, fill in the blank with your favorite movie crush.

50. You’re my lover and my best friend.

Together, we can walk through anything.

51. It seems to me like I have known you forever.

It's hard to imagine a season without him.

52. I’ll always have your back.

Let him know you're ready to be there for him, no matter what.

How to Pick The Best Romantic Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

I'll bet just reading through this list got your mind in gear on what romantic things you could say to your guy. But how do you know which to say? Can you just start working through this list? Not so fast!

Saying romantic things is a great move to enhance your relationship - when done correctly! Here are a few tips to make sure these little lines amplify your relationship, not implode it.

1. Check the map

This is a biggie - where is your relationship at? Did you swipe right yesterday? Have you been dating for several years? Somewhere in between? Take a good honest look at where you guys are, and start there. Saying romantic things that match where y'all are at is like adding miracle-gro to your relationship. Saying romantic things that are too far ahead - that can be uprooting.

Use a lot of wisdom to make sure the lines you choose to suit your status. And don't worry - keep on pouring love like this into your relationship, and soon you'll have access to them all.

2. Go for it

Girl, the guy loves you! If saying romantic things feel new or awkward, it's time to take the leap. While he may be surprised at your new boldness, I promise, it will be followed by delight.

And if saying romantic things is something you already do, let this list inspire some new ones for you! Either way, pick a few that speak to you and find a chance to tell him how he makes you feel.

3. Keep on going

Once you start making saying romantic things to your boyfriend a habit, don't stop! We often start great new rhythms, but then let them die out without discipline. Set a reminder if you have to, but don't let it be a one-time thing.

As your relationship ages and grows into different seasons, it's more important than ever to keep the love and romance alive with little things like sweet nothings - whispered and shouted and mentioned while waiting for a tow truck to fix your flat. Come back and check this list if you need inspiration, but make telling romantic things to your boyfriend part of your routine.

Downloadable and Printable List Of Romantic Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Here is a downloadable and printable List of Romantic Things To Say To Your Boyfriend (right click the image and select Save Image As..):

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In Conclusion

Finding romantic things to say to your boyfriend isn't hard, but it can sometimes feel a little bit bold. Be bold, sister! I promise these loving words will encourage him and show him that you have his back.

And as far as things to say to your boyfriend goes, romantic ones are right up there with funny, silly, and supportive ones. They'll remind him of what a great team you are, and of all that you have to look forward to, together. Have fun!