Gals… want to learn how to attract men?

Let me guess… You’re here because you’re probably not getting hit on enough, huh? You’ve tried everything. You’ve primped until you’ve tapped into your inner Kate Upton, and still not much success.

So… what to do? Is it that you’re not attractive enough?

You see… a low-cut top and a dashing smile may lure him in, but you need much more to make him approach you. You need to appeal to his subconscious.

You just don’t want him to stare across the room and think… “nice lips, next”. You want to trigger that hit-by-a-truck feeling. You want him to go head-over-heels gaga so he can run to mama.

Our tips on how to get a boyfriend will help tip a man over that edge.

Why is Knowing How To Attract Men So Important?

I’m sure you’ve seen her…

A woman who’s not particularly gorgeous or seductive that somehow keeps getting approached by guys, even some you thought were out of her league. So, what exactly does she do to get guys drooling over her?

It’s not a matter of looks, that’s for sure. The thing is, attraction rarely works the way we think it does. It’s not always the most beautiful woman that effortlessly oozes charm and draws in all the men. Copying her hairstyle or her outfit might not do much for you.

The thing is, attraction rarely works the way we think it does. It’s not all about beauty. Rather, the girl who understands how to attract men wins. Knowing how to attract men improves your chances of landing prince charming. It also gives you the luxury of choice since you have so many men hitting on you at any one time. You’re practically catnip to men.

How to Attract Men

Let’s face it… we all want to be in love. To have someone we can call our own. But most times, it’s not easy to find the right guy. And you might even feel like you’re not attractive enough. But don’t worry! We all have something unique to offer the world – including a guy.

Instead of getting down on yourself for not being in a relationship, you need to get more proactive. Pick yourself up, get over your pity party, and start learning how to attract men.

Whether you’re trying to hook a new guy or the sexy neighbor who has friend-zoned you, bust out these tried-and-true attraction tips, and he won’t stand a chance.

1. Know How To Start A Conversation With A Guy

Sitting pretty is no way to win at the dating game. It might work, but you want to be proactive as well. For this reason, it’s important to learn how to start a conversation with a guy.

Pro Tip. Ask questions to ask a guy you like

But what do you say? You’re probably nervous and can’t put together a coherent sentence to engage your heartthrob. Yeah, we’ve been there too. One way to go about it is to make sure he notices you by asking the right questions. We’ve compiled some questions to ask a guy you like that will get them swooning over you in no time.

“Are you single?” Go straight for the jugular. He might be taken aback, but when he recovers, he’ll be putty in your hands. It takes confidence to ask this, and confidence is attractive.

Do you have a nickname?” This is a playful one that can make for a very lighthearted conversation. If he doesn’t have one, you can go ahead and assign one to him.

“What Makes You Unique?” He’ll try to impress you. Wherever the conversation goes from here is a good place.

“What’s the Stupidest Thing You’ve Ever Done?” This is an opportunity to make him laugh without trying too hard. He’ll associate the good vibes of recalling a funny event to you. 

2. Know How To Flirt With A Guy

Flirting doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Even the most confident people will choke up and utter a wimpy “hey” after meeting their crush in the hallway. But this need not be the case. You can work on your flirting so you’re always on you’re A-game.

You might want to smile, a lot. Nothing says “friendly” like a smile. Also, say hi to your crush whenever you bump into each other. If you get the chance to talk to him, ask him questions that show you’re actually interested in him. Today, people are selfish and want to talk about themselves all the time. It’s usually refreshing hearing someone that wants to know something about you.

Other ways you can flirt with him include:

  • Let him catch you checking him out.
  • Tease him.
  • Ask him about the band he’s always wearing on his wrist.
  • “Accidentally” run into them and then apologize.
  • Give him an endearing nickname.
  • Touch him when you’re talking to him. Holding his palm is one way to go about this.
  • Goof around with him and have some private jokes between the two of you.

When you learn how to flirt with a guy, your chances of getting a boyfriend will increase tremendously.

3. Make Him Miss you

Make him miss you. He’ll be more attracted to you. That’s just how attraction works. Avoid being around him all the time. Here’s how to make him miss you.

Stop all communication. You have a crush on him and want to talk to him all the time. Bad idea. If you can’t stop reaching out to him, then he has absolutely no reason to miss you.

Spend time with your friends. Don’t spend all your free time with him. Being busy doing other things shows you’re independent and makes you look more attractive.

Pro Tip. Play Hard To Get

You’ll also want to learn how to play hard to get. Do not accede to all his requests and demands. Refuse to meet up sometimes. Or cancel a date “because you have an exam”.

I know what you’re thinking… should I text him immediately after he texts? Nope. Play the waiting game. It will drive him nuts.

Be the first to end conversations. Always be the one to hang up the phone first and let him be the one to send the last text.

Use a scent that will remind him of you. Whenever you’re away, make sure to leave him with something that has your scent. It will remind him of you.

More Ways To Finally Get The Guy

Learning how to attract a guy can be a rewarding experience for your love life. Here are some more tips to enable you to snag the guy of your dreams.

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In Conclusion

Psychology tells us that attraction is the most important thing in a romantic relationship. That’s why learning how to attract men is so important. While love is not an exact science (different strokes for different folk), the tips we’ve covered in this article should help you master your attraction game. This is how to get a boyfriend.